Monday, June 28, 2010

wow...we finally went for a real spin in our new standard car... For only 1250 with the mechanic included to help out when dramas happen!!

i THINK sometimes that we are blessed!! and then other times.. I wonder...but we are so lucky to have such a beautiful child!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I had a great chat with my mentor lifeguard,Stu, about
"Group Think" and what it actually means in regards to the politics of the past, present and future..
He gave an example of" Bay of Pigs " where JFK was the strong dominant leader, and the mind guard was his brother, RFK to exclude dissenters and pick them off...
so the idea was to go with guerillas to Fidel Castro's Cuba to overthrow his communist regime...
they went ahead with the deal but it failed...
we have been thinking about what would be best for the club in order for it to evolve into the type of club most folks would enjoy..
I thought about my own history at Utopachi where there was a strong dominant leader just out of helping natives maybe in Bangladesh or Ubegistan
and he had this vision for the Navahos in this little community
but he didn't care who he would walk over in the process of walking over those that stood in the way of his ego's glory...
this bloke looked like Jesus on a harley when he rode though the village with his beard and long hair flowing...he stayed on another year after I left becoming the head football coach (after helping get rid of the former coach) and the principal
his team was undefeating his final year! (meaning o wins)
this bloke was very good at helping get others to follow along with his group think!
and he could pick people off from his group with
"others are doing it like me. How come you're not with my program for the success of the children" ..using this psychology to win converts to his ideology... he was succesful at gathering mostly other young teachers to his thinking...a strong dominant leader could be good or bad for the success of a program...

Stu and I were talking about the surf club and what could be the vision and be best for the club..we need a strong leader but one who could best deal with folks that are not on the same page and might very well have good ideas for the club....a key aspect of group think is excluding dissenters...

I wonder what the real Jesus was like in regards to group think and his disciples...he told his only dissenter, Judas, to leave and do what he was intending to do...and betray him...does this sound blasphemous??

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I had a moment of peace while my family napped and I could momentarily not worry so much...I like to escape from worry while my better half likes(?) to's the ADD trait the meantime what can we do for a solution for our own success?? Do we treat life like a chess match and think a few moves ahead to checkmate our many challenges?? we are pawns in the world's chess match of life desiring to reach the self actualized 8th rank and then evolve into the most powerful player that our talents will allow us!! (I could say to become queens but then you might think we were gay??) heh, heh

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time flies by so fast....

already summer in the states

and it's winter in Oz...

but it's nice to take a swim in the middle of winter!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Right now, I guess I am having a Rudyard Kipling moment and desire to put his poem out there on my blog...I was thinking of several things and so at least during the herbiphany, I decided to jot or brainstorm some of these ideas in my diary that is about as messy as our apartment...

a jumble of junk transposed into a blog(??)...some might interpret my essays of my own personal vicissitudes, trials, tribulation, challenges and the elusive triumphs that dot my horizon in the present and the future...

while escaping the disasters and economic hardships of the states...and can I put off facing this giant accelerating global financial and environmental crisis just a couple more weeks???

and maybe there could be a best seller and rights to a movie somewhere in my delusional vision???

I was chatting with a good friend and professional lifeguard today about having a vision, making a commitment and paying the price....this bloke has been a very succesful surf iron man with leading several clubs to succesful records...He's had a vision for his family , his own personal athletic and career record while doing what he loves all day!

I thought about how my vision/dream of living on the beach with my family can really's what Ive been waiting for all my life for!! and I have paid the price and not let anything get in the way...even overcoming obstacle all throughout this new period of parenthood!

"If you can dream - and not make dreams your master,
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools

Sunday, June 13, 2010

sometimes, I wonder,....or all the time
about the brave new world our son, Colin , will be inheriting...I hope that things will be better but after what has been happening with the global financial crisis and the British Petroleum pollution disaster, there doesn't seem much hope for the world..
but at least , at this point, I can help him enjoy everyday on the beach
and maybe he will be one of the nippers in our surf club...

there is so much available here on the coast for him to get involved in..tomorrow , we will be taking him to swim lesson at Pizzy Park 3 kms away by bike...

and then go check out some playgrounds...he has so much fun sometimes... and we realize that he is happy so we can learn how to be happy again..

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Im really glad that I figured out how to transfer the pics from the new waterproof camera since the old one died again...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm happy that I finally found out how to get these pics from the new camera onto the puter!
The ole camera went into hibernation again so the pics arent as good as the old camera but it's waterproof so I can take pics in the water...
I have to change the dates..I guess
it was left on the same date when we all left for NZealand a couple of months ago...
Time is flying by even faster when it's winter... seems like I go for a swim, fix brunch and before we know it...
it's time for beer , ping pong and perhaps a litte chess ..
my friend's game is getting better having one won game in about the last 100! ...our table tennis has improved dramatically with number one with a slight edge...
You think ... If I can accomplish one thing besides bringing up a superbaby, it's being in the best shape in swimming and ping pong of my middle aged life!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Hey El Zar!
I see Shiprock visited my blog...was that perhaps you??
sorry I missed your call the other day...
send me an email...
it's cool that I took this pic this evening before the sun set
in front of the beach...
I remember the chess games we had with the chess club in our favorite room
until our friend from the peace corp took over the room the next year for his one 15 minute class that he never used...but it was a coup for him...Don't get me started!

Sunday, June 06, 2010


Daily Kos boss Markos Moulitsas is scheduled to appear on Jake Tapper's Sunday roundtable on This Week tomorrow. It would be great -- although the odds are very slim -- if Tapper would quote some of this Daily Kos bilge and ask Moulitsas to defend it. This Saturday morning post by Karen Hedwig Backman imagined Dick Cheney as a malevolent Angel of Death. It's called "Dick Cheney's Dismal Swamp of Death," and is so overwrought it's unintentionally funny:

A vast sea of dead and dying creatures presided over by the fat, repulsive Angel of Death Cheney. His ratlike minions scuttle around clutching their Blackberries and chittering corporate code.

Gloating, he hovers over the Gulf of Mexico, his oil-grimed black wings sinuously flapping... eldest daughter gleefully yapping at his ankles.

For the moment they are strangely silent, after months of constant presence on accommodating American television, showboating on Fox, one hopes that they might at last be experiencing guilt and shame -- but no.

They are momentarily stunned by the awesomeness of their success, silently savoring the sight of their spoils, dying pelicans dripping crude oil on the beaches, whitening and fouling corpses of fish, sea mammals, all manner of dead creatures brought to life by the seas and felled by the U.S. Supreme Court-strengthened arm of the Almighty Corporation.

Read more:

The sad thing is that I lived in a state full of rednecks that make fun of environmental whackos,
who wanted to help prevent wildlife from the ravages of mankind...
and the audacity of the CEO of this company to say that the ocean is large and can take it!

This is why I want our family to live the life not dependent on fossil fuels. We leave our cars back in the US of A! It is so sad that we have destroyed this ocean ....

and could the same thing happen to the beautiful beaches of Oz??... it could if we continue our dependence on Oil!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June 1, 2010
Confident Conviction
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
Calculated risks that you have committed to might cause you to experience anxiety and fear today. If these risks cause you discomfort, try to remain steadfast in the knowledge that your decisions are correct. Trusting your choices, even when you are as frightened as you are excited, can help you overcome your anxiety and face life’s challenges. The path you’ve chosen can seem less foreboding if you have faith in yourself. Should you become apprehensive, making a mental list of the successful risks you’ve taken in the past may help to ease your insecurities. Today can be a wonderful time to step back from your situation in order to take stock of all of your strengths.

Self-trust can be the most powerful weapon we possess when we have to combat fear. Most fear stems from self-doubt and the feeling that we are not capable of understanding a concept or completing a task. When you trust yourself, you acknowledge your faith in your ability to make decisions and succeed. The fear of failure or of underserved accomplishment has little chance of gaining a foothold in your soul. Also, you become empowered to take risks without second-guessing yourself because you are secure in the knowledge that you would not choose an undertaking you were unprepared for. Trusting yourself today can help you dissipate your fears—you know that the risks you have chosen will be beneficial ultimately. (from the Daily OM)

I suppose that maybe I have one of these personalities that is a little different....possibly enough so that I alienated(is that the proper word?)..but Im not going to change who I am or my lifestyle because others don't approve or like me...

didnt Popeye once say "I am what I am...?" I taught special ed in a Navaho community and knew that I was helping the kids..I made an impact on them and feel that their lives have become richer... as my friends who sometimes read this site well know!....some folks didnt like my style and did their best to make things hard for me but I perservered...I am proud of who I am and know that I will be a proud father of a bright child who will always do what he realizes is best and walk the path that he chooses without others preventing him from being himself!