Sunday, May 09, 2010

today ended kinda well when I decided to spend Mother's day with the mother of our child!
and watch "Under the "Tuscan Sun" instead of playing pong with my Ocean st. mates...
it makes me realize how much I would love to turn my life into a great American/Aussie book/movie/ bestseller..

I probably need to join a writer's club somewhere out there in the blogosphere?? any ideas, LA! That is a wonderful piece of writing describing Buffy's antics!

I was kinda depressed as the sun sets earlier each night on the beautiful Gold Coast...

but then after 4 or 5 hits of the herbal antidepressant and a beer and cheesecake, I felt much better especially after magically finding the last little bit of bud hidden away in a drawer! That is one of the best feeling when u find one little bit more just to help you epiphanize about your life!

I had written some more eloquently about my life and how lucky I am...and the puter freezes up...oh yeah ..I was listening on TV tonight about how a bloke shouldnt feel guilty to take years off to be a father! I am so lucky to have a wonderful beautiful family and wouldnt it be great to write a story about it??

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