Sunday, May 09, 2010

I hope u don't mind LA? i couldnt resist since at least the beginning of my story was about her bringing me out of depression and living vicariously through her! Thankyou LA!

"She's fond of rugs, and has two outside that she likes to play with. You have to chase her around and say, "Gimme that rug!" and she'll get close enough with it that you can try to pull it away, but she growls and holds on tight and and acts all mad (but her tail is wagging happily) ... then you let go of the rug and she throws her head around and wrestles the rug to the ground... then brings it back to you so you can chase her again. The process could repeat itself indefinitely. Trouble is, you can't fold towels around her for the same reason. I have to put her outside when I'm folding clothes because she wants to grab the towels and play "Gimme that towel..."

She loves balls, sticks, just about anything. She wants to take everything outside, and spends a lot of time out there now, to the relief of the cats. She's got two German shepherds next door that she runs up and down the fence line with, barking. But they seem to like each other. She's got a soccer ball that's just about decimated... and my dad ... comes over at least once a week to bring her a rawhide bone or some such, which she immediately takes to the door to take outside, where she keeps her favorite things.
U write so well, Leigh Anne! I can just imagine her right now so vividly as I know her behaviour all too well!

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