Sunday, May 02, 2010

I finally made it to Byron sat night with a cheap night at the YHA HOSTEL...
im waiting for this pic to be published...
Im glad I swam the 2.3 swim from Watego
to the surf club... I felt fresh and a little guilty that I didnt feel like paying 50$ to do all that swimming.. I swam a little after my age group.. they were all wearing orange swim cap and and ankle bracelets to properly record every bloke in the particular category's time.. I should have looked at my watch closer or maybe even started out with the rest of the oranges so I could have known an accurate time but I looked at my watch and saw that it was about a half hour...several old blokes like me were I believe a little ahead of me.. Now I know about something to work for next year... and swimming full on the whole race without doing breastroke or backstroke so often...

my good friend, LA, said that pics would come out quicker which they have
when I try to download them to my blog..

Ill make a cup of cappucino instant so I can speak with you a little more before we relay babysitting duties!

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