Sunday, April 04, 2010

so Ive been hangin out with my new tribes...
and then I wake up a little early for the sunday morning swim race
after taking my son down first to the beach to wash off his dirty butt..
I was pleasantly surprised there was no poop on his bottom for the salt water to wash off today!!
I meet my beach tribe and see that Im start last today!!
Im strongly encouraged to take the power play...
but feel like I don't have the eye of the tiger to take the race!
so resigning to the fact that I have the largest handicap today!
with no chance of catching younger stronger swimmers that are starting more than a minute before me...
even this young amazonian ironwomen with incredibly long legs
running half a minute before me on the race...
I have no possible dream in this life of beating her in a swim race
let alone catching her...
I pass one other lady while she wants to finish last
and maybe get 15 seconds of her handicap for finishing 16th and last..
I hustle to see if I can sprint past this other old man for 14th
but Im marked down as 2nd last
with no chance of 15 secs knocked off my handicap
unless I chose the power play in 2 weeks
or in the last race...
aah to give it all to the race
while a wave catches and me and tumbles me along the sand...
not yet knowing how to master her...

the mistress of the sea talks to me
And invites me in
that evening while walking with the strong wind
With my little family
so I go for a swim....
and her gigantic waves look very intimidating
worried that she will smash me against the sand bank
I try to duck under her
But she sucks me backward
As I plunge down hard onto the sea
And then the sand….

My wife watches
And waits to see me come up…
My back aches a little now
As I pay my respects to my powerful mistress…

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