Thursday, March 11, 2010

there are so many things that I have to do...
I can also feel so overwhelmed yet
I dont want to depend on a medication such as adderall to focus better
it could cause unknown side effects...
but the bronze exam for becoming a volunteer lifeguard on sunday is coming up
I am nervous about that and feel with the adderall
I could focus better
so I think that it will be good to be able to do it without meds
but I will feel more confident
with a little...
especially knowing the instructor will be there who stated that I was not ready for the assesment a month ago...
I want to not let things like that bother me...but I will actually pray
and feel my confidence in myself will still keep improving with age...
as I become wiser..(hopefully)

all of this and then not even wanting to think about the house in the Okie Zone can be overwhelming

along with helping my wife to cope with her daily depression...

life can be tough

but then I look at our wonderful beautiful son and believe it is all worth while to bring him into this world and share our lives with him!

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  1. Muffy says: MY grandson is Lennon. It was not AHHnald from the capitol of Cal-e-forn-ia.