Thursday, March 11, 2010

ok.... it's probably the problem with these laptop computers..
like the other one I have....
I guess I need to break down and get some lessons on the way I type and I'm pushing the that I push the area where I can move the cursor(?)
and all of the writing disappears into cyberspace...
I was talking about my scrooge mcduck genes
where I save money for the rainy day...
or better yet the end of the world (as we know it)
financially collapses the way the neorepublicons
desire America to become a banana republic
the way many countries in south america have become...
most americans will be so in debt to creditors that they
work long hours to just survive and not become a homeless person...trying desperately to pay off the credit cards at outrageous rates and taxes that only profit corporate welfare and the military industrial complex!!
whew!! ...ppp, passs

again it was erased... I guess I need to write on word perfect before it's all erased..

today was a beautiful day and after visiting the doctor

I think my wife realizes that adderall or some psycho stimulant would actually help her!

I need to get in the habit of writing on my document section first..
But maybe its good that I don’t give out too much info on my family..
I suppose that I say way too much already
So that I prefer to be somewhat anonymous…
Today was a gorgeous morning and I just wanted to capture it with Colin
Enjoying the morning with me…
I took out the chair and Colin and sat out there to write and take some movies of the moment..
He is so beautiful.!(I wish that my camera would work! and bought that waterproof one in the Fiji duty free section at the airport!}
And then I come back to the computer to find someone anonymously (perhaps from Sacramento?)
Left a comment with this beautiful song about John Lennon’s son, Sean…
Maybe he/she was moved enough to send me a comment…
Could it be Steve? A good friend and occasional reader of my blog?
I forget whether he told me that he was a grandfather??

I wanted to say that whoever wrote the article on emotional vampirism
isn’t at all empathetic the people that become these “vampires”
There is a reason for them to become this way
And I understand more about myself and my wife…
And where we have to go to evolve
Into the people that we want to be
To be good parents!

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