Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a little happiness before the storm

of course all of my epiphanies were erased into cyberspace again
as I saw how lucky we were to have this little bit of paradise on the beach....
after playing a couple games of chess with ocean st. mate I went out to look at the surf and saw the most beautiful rainbows sprouting out of the sea
with the light shining between the clouds on the surfers.. as if there were pots of gold at each end!
it was almost heavenly...
I couldn't capture it on my broken camera
but fortunately I had my new found video camera to capture it... ( I found the charger back here in our flat)
I need to search for a pic that will be appropriate for this little bit of heaven...
a cyclone just did its damage to Fiji
and is on it's 100 km/hr course to our little paradise...
so it was almost as if God was giving us a beautiful show before the storm!

1 comment:

  1. I bet Buffy the Wonder Dog could surf. Wow, you're like Baywatch! (Don't be a drunk like Hasselhoff, though.) Congratulations, Garvald.