Wednesday, February 24, 2010

while we were in Fiji, we did a kava ceremony...
the chiefs in the islands would drink this during peace ceremonies..
it gives you a very mellow peaceful feeling and I reckon if world leaders and terrorists drank it , there would be a lots less war and terrorism!
You cannot buy it in Oz and it's now difficult to buy in the states but you can bring it the countries as long as you claim it for customs...
I am guessing the greedy pharmaceutical companies would lose business on valium and calming prescriptions..
it's great for my wife's anxiety attacks and for me dealing with the business in the US.. I can stay a lot calmer accepting the reality of my house in OKiehoma...

today, while training with the professional guards and others at 6 am, I went out the rip past the waves and saw a large flipper almost as if it was a dream and there was a mermaid diving down into the water.... or maybe it was just a dolphin ... i had never seen such a large tail before..
was it a sign??

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