Sunday, February 28, 2010

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master,
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breath a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings - nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!

Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

I am trying to keep my head above water...
the waves at low tide looked extra powerful
and regardless of how retarded I felt taking this exam so I could volunteer my time
for an Aussie club next to my old Australian home...
never more i have felt at a loss and helpless
while I waited for the tsunami that never came...
maybe a few inches...
what other disasters could befall me
as i try to escape the thoughts of the financial disaster back in the Okie Zone...
with the surf handicap swim race that wont happen...
I want to play again in this race as I would as a boy...
in fun race around the buoys
catching up and passing swimmers with the same goal young and old...d
the race doesnt happen and you have to face this little bald headed man with perhaps ego issues
he condescendingly emails you that his children have auspergers which mirrors ADD..
u have met people like this who feel they want to show their superiority over your ignorance...
so u try one more time knowing that he won't let you finish the race...
well you think there are rips that you take you past the dangerous waves...
where are the rips to the Aussies (national surf/swim)...
or will u just let the waves overpower u back to the haven of the shore
or can you find the rip?, Garvald Murray??
u cry to your wife
on one of the loneliest most beautiful full moonlit nights that you have seen
as the tidal waves play in the king tides of the full moon
telling her your parents are both long gone..
u don't have them to ring and tell them how sad ur life is...

If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise
both go out to the full moon and have a heart to heart

chat with your best friend..
and after reading this poem by Rudyard
u both have have new found inspiration to meet the brave new world!

Tsunami hits Oz....
and the beaches of the Gold Coast were all closed because of it
I guess if you looked really carefully, you might see a surge...
but it was Murphy's law
in regards to my own preassessment for the bronze...
I felt like I was back in college where the professor would fail me regardless of my performance..
I was "sweating profusely " according to the instructor...
I couldn't relax and felt that I would fail the exam before I started...
I was more relaxed that one of the captains was there at least to have a 2nd opinion..
the first showing, my cell phone kept ringing during the assesment
and I screwed up putting the pads from the defibrillation unit in the wrong place
but the captain told me that I was spot on with the initial one person assessment
I was much more relaxed for my 2nd chance
then I did well with everything but the oxygen mask...
according to the instructor , I couldn't get the mask seal tight enough because I didn't have my fingers in the right place...
so regardless, the instructor would always find something wrong...
getting my Bronze medallion to be a volunteer lifeguard,
would not happen this trip...
and there went my chances to compete in the nationals...
and it dawned on me regardless of taking a little adderall, I have difficulty with learning simple lifesaving techniques....
do the threat of a tsunami was only a premonition of my own lack of ability to succeed...
so it appears that unless a miracle happens
I won't be able to take the bronze assesment because the instructor doesn't think I'm ready...

Friday, February 26, 2010

I dont know what to say...

happy wife, happy life

unhappy wife, unhappy life...

I wonder what was going through the head of John Edwards when he had an affair

one of the photographers??

his wife couldnt be very happy..
it can be a tremendous burden trying to keep your wife happy...

Colin can be so happy
when he is just running down to the beach...

my house almost burned down but I could be happy if my whole family was happy...
I often think of the Kipling poem about treating both triumph and disaster both the same
or like life is a movie and then it's not so bad... especially when I look at my gorgeous beach!

happy wife, happy life
I wonder what governor edwards has been thinking...
now he could be keeping his current wife happy...

How do I keep my wife my happy
that is a tremendous burden...
It's alot easier to keep little Colin happy...
when we go to the beach and he makes new friends...
today we all visited the Dr for Colin and me..
it was a nice

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

while we were in Fiji, we did a kava ceremony...
the chiefs in the islands would drink this during peace ceremonies..
it gives you a very mellow peaceful feeling and I reckon if world leaders and terrorists drank it , there would be a lots less war and terrorism!
You cannot buy it in Oz and it's now difficult to buy in the states but you can bring it the countries as long as you claim it for customs...
I am guessing the greedy pharmaceutical companies would lose business on valium and calming prescriptions..
it's great for my wife's anxiety attacks and for me dealing with the business in the US.. I can stay a lot calmer accepting the reality of my house in OKiehoma...

today, while training with the professional guards and others at 6 am, I went out the rip past the waves and saw a large flipper almost as if it was a dream and there was a mermaid diving down into the water.... or maybe it was just a dolphin ... i had never seen such a large tail before..
was it a sign??

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

who woulda thought our lives would revolve around this beautiful child of ours?~

Monday, February 22, 2010

i just have to say something before the next day
a pic is a worth a thousand words...and so little time to write out your thoughts...
there are so many things that I have to do in order for this family to be happy!
we have all the comforts and I at least feel that we have friends who can help us..
regardless of all the misfortune that has happened to me, all i wish for is a happy family

Friday, February 19, 2010

July 10: self helpless (from the urban dictionary)

The condition of somebody that is unable to deal with life, usually found sitting around a neglected apartment with bad hair and bad outfit.

"I saw Kenny at our high school reunion, he's still living with his parents and saving up for a camaro ...totally self helpless.

I suppose this could easily have been the story for me or my wife with both of us dealing with our incapacities disabilities(?)... we could have easily drifted by in life accumulating for stuff or just more emotional baggage...
instead we are jet setters (could that be the right term or more like jet bums(?)
boy I am bummed out!
a bunch of my writing was just wiped out...
and now I will forget the way I eloquently put it together...

I have dealt with children with learned helplessness...
Ive taught children with learning disabilities in many different areas, the last one being a Navaho community in the REZ
the top 3 players on my chess team had learning disabilities of different kinds...
over the years , their confidence in school and life improved tremendously!'
where was I going with this...
I want to feel proud of our family AND I AM!
we are doing Ok and who wouldve thought wed be on a beautiful beach with the sun shining right into our little abode...
the club swim championships are on tomorrow so I better get a few hours shut eye!

I guess I will have to some major editing of this essay one of these days, but in the meantime I wanted to get the gist of this story out...It home so hard the other day especially with all the years of experience that I had how poor my processing was so that the instructor felt that I wasn't ready to pass the bronze assesment...
but I am proud of the way it just made me more determined to pass the course...
that is the brave heart never give up celtic blood that runs deep in my veins and I see that our son Colin has the heart of William Wallace! always keep getting back up and fight !

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I am amazed...
my camera is working again so I can show you all the pics..
it totally changes my outlook realizing how everything else is minor
compared to my family!
One of my readers sent in a comment about the artist of our family painting from Oz:

"Thank you for your enquiry regarding Arthur Murch. I am happy to give you some information regarding the above artist. Arthur James Murch was born on the 8th July 1902 in Croydon NSW and was apainter and sculptor. He was an official War Artist during World War 11. Studied engineering and became an engineering draughtsman but abandonedengineering in 1924. Attended R A S School under Datillo Rubbo and James R Jackson, 1921-1925Studied under Rainer Hoff, 1923-1925. London, Chelsea Polytechnic; Rome,under Prof. Sciotino,1925-1927 returning to Australia in 1927. He became well known as a sculptor's assistant to George Lambert 1928-1930. He responded to the modernists influences on a later trip to Europe.1936-1940. Awards. NSW Travelling Scholarship 1925. Archibald Prize for portraiture 1949.RAG NSW Rural Prize 1958.His work is represented in State Galleries including, Brisbane, Adelaide,Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Ballarat, Bendigo, Castlemain and the AustralianWar Memorial in Canberra. I hope this has been of help to you. Best regards Marlene Antico"

Thank you, M

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our tribe members are those people who accept us as we are and gladly accompany us on our journeys of evolution... (daily OM)
Maybe it's the aura that you give off where some folks do not want to accept you...
when you find the right folks to hang out with and grow as a person, it changes everything...

I want to compete so badly in the state surf lifesaving races...
I'm frustrated to find out that the next bronze assesment won't be until March 14th
and I probably won't be able to have my bronze in time to compete in the nationals...
everyone else passed on Sunday...
that was another slap in my face from life's hard to not take it personally
knowing that if the instructor let me take the test I would have confidently passed
relieved that I would finally be able to compete for the surf lifesaving club,
a tribe that I have want to be part of ...and in many ways, I am already part of it...
instead I joined the surf lifesaving tribe of volunteers for the Sunday morning surf handicap swim race...

Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm the eternal optimist...
the assesors came and watched while I gave CPR to the dummy
and I wasn't pumping him hard enough...
it's the same story
about me being very close..
but I'm not on the list for the assesment
it almost seems like it's not going to happen
the instructor says that he will fit into another assesment but it means that I will have to wait another two weeks to never...
I could get very frustrated with myself and my life...
I do get very frustrated and thinking that I would fire myself if I was my own boss...
my life has been a series of failures...
but Ive just figured out the way things don't work...
I haven't take care of business the way I should and now I'm paying for it...
but then, I wake up with this new found optimism about in some ways how blessed my life is..
I have a beautiful wife and son on a beautiful beach that I can wake up to each morning and swim fast in those waves...
I take the wave and put my head down, kicking furiously to stay with that wave..
Im still waiting for that magical wave where I stay on it for as long as gloriously possible
feeling all the energy of her behind me...

by going with the rest of the team for training knowing that I will be the only not to pass in this group because of my difficulty processing
and putting several steps together has hindered me...
I have let myself down
but Im determined to wake up tomorrow eager to show them how good a lifesave I am!
I will walk over to the crew with my head held high knowing that I have the knowledge to pass my bronze...I will catch that wave!
This bronze is for me and what Ive been waiting for so long for!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's about time Obama got tough with these greedy stubborn Rebpublicons! Way to go , Obama!

The Senate confirmed a huge group of administration nominees on Thursday, following a tense exchange between President Barack Obama and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

At a White House meeting with bipartisan congressional leaders on Tuesday, Obama warned that he would make recess appointments if the logjam over nominees wasn’t broken before the Senate left for the Presidents’ Day break.

“Mitch, this is unprecedented,” the president said, gesturing forcefully on the Cabinet Room table, according to aides. “If you don’t move any, I’m going to do some [recess] appointments.”

The 27 confirmations mean no recess appointments will be needed during this break, top administration officials said. Recess appointments, which a president can make when Congress is not in session, are temporary and generally last to the end of the year.

In a statement Thursday night, Obama said: "At the beginning of the week, a staggering 63 nominees had been stalled in the Senate because one or more senators placed a hold on their nomination. ... And so on Tuesday, I told Senator McConnell that if Republican senators did not release these holds, I would exercise my authority to fill critically-needed positions in the federal government temporarily through the use of recess appointments. ... Since that meeting, I am gratified that Republican senators have responded by releasing many of these holds and allowing 29 nominees to receive a vote in the Senate. While this is a good first step, there are still dozens of nominees on hold who deserve a similar vote, and I will be looking for action from the Senate when it returns from recess. If they do not act, I reserve the right to use my recess appointment authority in the future."

Democrats say that McConnell blinked. Republicans contend that the list shows they’re not obstructionist.

A senior Senate Republican leadership aide said: "We cleared something like 35 nominees before the last recess, too. That’s what happens before a recess. This isn’t because anyone blinked."

According to an administration account, the president told McConnell that he was holding up an extraordinary number of appointments.

McConnell replied that the Democrats did the same thing when President George W. Bush was in office. Obama disagreed, saying that when Bush made his first recess appointments, a handful of nominees had been waiting for more than a month. Obama had more than 60 waiting.

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John Edwards Asks Mistress Rielle Hunter To Marry Him! John Edwards has proposed to his mistress Rielle Hunter, and is buying a luxury $3.5 million beachfront home where they can live happily ever after with their love child, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively. The disgraced presidential candidate popped the question at the same time he told Rielle that he'd be issuing a press statement finally confirming he fathered her daughter Frances Quinn, close sources told The ENQUIRER. Edwards, 56, released that statement on Jan. 21, and just six days later a spokesperson for his cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth confirmed the
couple had legally separated after 32 years of marriage. Sources say they expect to be officially divorced within a year, paving the way for the ex-senator to make Rielle, 45, his wife.

"John dropped the proposal bomb on Rielle shortly before he issued his statement" that he was indeed Frances' father, a close source divulged.

"John knew Rielle had been waiting for a proposal for two long years. Since they've gotten involved, she's followed every order he gave her, going on a cross-country cover-up, hiding away during her pregnancy and after giving birth for the sake of his presidential aspirations.

"Rielle never uttered a peep about their affair publicly, and remained loyal to John. John felt she deserved to know that he wanted to raise their child together, and wanted Rielle in his life as his partner.

"John has said that when his divorce is final, he'll buy her a diamond ring. But in the meantime, he's getting them a house."

Another source told The ENQUIRER: "John has proposed to Rielle, and she said yes."

Read more:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"A Sydney father attacked by a shark on the northern beaches has spoken about the ordeal that not only endangered his life but that of his son.

Paul Welsh was surfing with his 10-year-old son, close to shore, when the shark attacked.

"I was pushing my son on to waves and it just belted me from behind," Mr Welsh told The Manly Daily minutes after the attack.

"I grabbed on to the pinnacle of a rock and held on as it tried to drag me out ... and I won."

Police said the 46-year-old man was bitten on the left leg by a 130cm shark off Mona Vale about 8am (AEDT) on Thursday.

A spokeswoman from NSW Health told AAP the man was recovering well and would be out of Mona Vale Hospital "by the end of the day".

Police said they were still waiting to speak to the man.

Surfwatch Australia director Michael Brown, who witnessed the attack, told AAP the shark hit the man "like a freight train".

"This shark had come in round the coast, drawn in by all the baitfish," he said.

I could be scared of sharks but a much bigger threat are these large dumping waves. swimming at Burleigh yesterday with a mate and the wave first smacked me hard against the water but then smacked really hard against the sand!


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Good on ya , Mate!

The clash between banks and credit unions over public fund deposits took an unorthodox twist with community banks and CUs teaming up to pass, 65-0, a milestone bill in the New Mexico House.

The bill enables a possible switch of $2-5 billion of state funds into CUs and small banks.

If enacted, the municipal funds bill, in the works since last year and still subject to a Senate vote, would represent a setback to large national banks, like Bank of America and Wells Fargo, which have had a lock on such funds.

The altered view of New Mexico lawmakers in favoring local control of state funds, officials said, follows national mention of the New Mexico effort in the “Move Your Money” campaign of New York pundit Arianna Huffington in her online Huffington Post columns.

“I think Huffington gave this bill a little traction,” said Juan Fernandez, vice president of government affairs for the Credit Union Association of New Mexico, which has been cooperating with the New Mexico Bankers Association in pushing the bill. Though large banks are members of NMBA, its leadership has been dominated by small community banks, which like CUs seek the funds.

Sources said that despite the support for the bill, it still may face quiet opposition from the large bank lobby which may seek to stall or defeat the measure

I believe that is one of many signs that the common man is far more important than these large corporations such as banks and insurance companies!! Maybe folks will learn how to fight back against the rich and powerful!

Monday, February 08, 2010

I could be upset about yesterday
but it just made me more determined to learn everything I could about surflifesaving
and convince the powers that be to be assessed on Saturday morning!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

The surf swim didn't happen today...the waves were too rough and there was a constant heavy rain coming down on us and I still found that the surf class was going on...
according to the instructor, I'm not ready for the assesment on Saturday, but that was an incentive for me to learn everything I can just in case he let's me get tested with the rest of the class..It's all about saying and knowing the right script ... but because I was asking too many questions, I obviously looked incompetent and it was embarassing..dealing with all the shit that has happened to me recently, it was straw that broke the camel's back..

it's Thursday and I still feel very embarassed and my own attention/listening deficit hit home hard like a hard wave slapping hard against the water and then again against the sand..
the instructor impatiently tells me to hold the patients head with a pistol grip
then he asks me to do several things at was as if I needed subtitles and could slow the movie down...I couldnt process what he was saying and he might as well have been speaking Spanish to me
"weren't you watching the others and listening to what they were saying??"
the whole class watches me for the indoor rainy lesson and I can feel their eyes on me and that just makes me more self concious... It was like I was in a college play in front of hundreds and I forgot the script ...
"yes, I was listening ..."
I didnt know what else to say and felt uncomfortable telling the whole the class that this middle aged man desperately wanting his bronze has ADD or poor listening skills..
after the class the instructor told me that I wasn't ready for the assesment outside in the surf Saturday morning ...I almost begged him that I would be ready and I would pay for the cost of the test, $12.50
I went home and cried as a little boy was the last straw on the old camel's back..
I could handle my house burning down and my wife's issues with the overwhelming worries of motherhood, but this final slap in my face hit home hard on my own emotional state of being
accentuated by the very wet stormy weather as I bicycled home
just wanting to cry in my long deceased mother's arms...
I sat there going over the workbook I had to fill out
sensing the futility
but then I was determined to fight
and talk to the instructor determined to take the test for my Bronze so that I could be a volunteer life guard on Mermaid Beach...
I saw him and told him that I was ADD... he said that I should have told him sooner but that I would let down the team on testing if I didn't know what to do basically...
so still determined and angry (more at my own listening disability), I practiced with the volunteer lifeguards on the Sunday Avo shift...
this made me feel so much better
and then I visited with my favorite veteran lifeguard and he went over the drills with me...
I am still hoping that I will be able to take the pretest on Saturday and the final assesment on Sunday!

(from the daily OM)"
Our tribe members are those people who accept us as we are and gladly accompany us on our journeys of evolution.

Part of being human is the search for an individual identity. Bound to this strong need to establish a unique persona, however, is an equally intense desire for acceptance. It is when we find our individual tribes that both are satisfied. Our tribe members are those people who accept us as we are without reservation and gladly accompany us on our journeys of evolution.

Among them, we feel free to be our imperfect selves, to engage unabashedly in the activities we enjoy, and to express our vulnerabilities by relying on our tribe for support. We feel comfortable investing our time and energy in the members of our tribe, and are equally comfortable allowing them to invest their resources in our development.

The individuals who eventually become members of your unique tribe are out there in the wide world waiting for you. You are destined to find them, one by one, as you move through life. Sometimes your own efforts will put you in contact with your future tribe members. At other times, circumstances beyond your control will play a role in helping you connect with your tribe. If you look about you and discover that you are already allied with a wonderful and supportive tribe, remember that there are likely many members of your tribe you have not yet met. On the other hand, if you feel you are still living outside of your tribe, broadening your horizons can help you find your tribe members.

However your life develops after you come together with your tribe, you can be assured that its members will stand at your side. On the surface, your tribe may seem to be nothing more than a loose-knit group of friends and acquaintances to whom you ally yourself. Yet when you look deeper, you will discover that your tribe grounds you and provides you with a sense of community that ultimately fulfills many of your most basic human needs.

These daily oms seem to always hit exactly where I have been feeling...when I search for my utopia I've been hoping to find the friends that I feel comfortable and who will like me and my family for who they are!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

a picture is worth a thousand words... and u need to get your camera fixed ...or time to upgrade to a waterproof camera where u dont have to worry about moisture...
so you don't need to borrow other great photographs of the surf!
it's hard to believe where we were a month ago...
back in the arky zone worried about your unattended closets of collected garbage
still holding you back from freedom from the Okie zone!
it's funny how somebody from Gallup did a search for what I might have mentioned to them...
and they thought of some facsimile of the title...
a lot has been happening out of the zones and into a new zone
where you still meet assholes no matter how far from the Okie zone you have escaped !!
You take care of as much business as you can...
wire the funds ....
and try to save this sinking ship with left over memories lost in the past...

Now u are paying and will be paying out the gazoo!!
and all because of your own stupidity
and innate hope in the better nature of humanity...
with that thought you are very liable to be screwed up the butt!

you could easily feel overwhelmed...
but then you just go with the flow of the current...
waiting for good moment to slip under those monstrous waves
as they continue to aproach you
you have found the sandbank and can push off
and flow with the undertow in the bottom foot of rough water...
as sand swirls around
u relax and let it take you
and just up finally from the surface
and you are past the last breaks to
find relatively peaceful ocean
on the verge of breaking up on this great continent!

surf swim race tomorrow AM!
can't wait!!
I'll sleep till Colin wakes us
and then I'll swim a few warm up
wondering if they will still have the race!!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

it is so cool to be in love again...
I love Mermaid Beach, a long lost love that I've been missing for so long in my life...
at first, the excitement of playing as a child... feel like Ripvanbeachbum.... you have woken up to the old place in the Parthenon...
cept it had not even been built...
You remember your beloved Bidgeboo..
we'd all get up early in the morning, have breakfast and run off to Broadbeach State School
and then walking back with the cooling waters of the Pacific run through your toes
waiting all day to take off your flip flops...
aah memories...
its so hard to believe that was well over 4 decades ago...
loves in your heart hadnt even been born yet..
and fate takes you one day to the curious old boarding house...
you run around the deserted building peaking into the windows...
curious as any child...
aahh some empty coke bottles...
a chance for some toy soldiers and ice cream cone!!
for all those bottles u can probably get at least two shillings!
you sneak in the old building through the little hole in the wall..
and walk around the old place...

then your Dad asks you questions about the old place
and a month later its bought and you are celebrating Xmas of 66
with all your loving extended Aussie family...

This is my home!
a long lost love that has been waiting for me
always in the back of the mind was my beloved Mermaid!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

another reason to for my son to be Aussie!

AP/Huffington Post) -- SHAHI KOTO, Pakistan — A roadside bomb killed three U.S. soldiers and partly destroyed a girls' school in northwest Pakistan on Wednesday in an attack that drew attention to a little-publicized American military training mission in the al-Qaida and Taliban heartland.

They were the first known U.S. military fatalities in Pakistan's lawless tribal regions near the Afghan border and a major victory for militants who have been hit hard by a surge of U.S. missile strikes and a major Pakistani army offensive.

The blast also killed three schoolgirls and a Pakistani soldier who was traveling with the Americans. Two more U.S. soldiers were wounded, along with more than 100 other people, mostly students at the school, officials said.

Wired's Noah Shachtman suggests that these attacks underline the fact that, whether or not the U.S. government says so, we are fighting a full-blown war in Pakistan, and should start treating it as such:

It's another sign that America's once-small, once-secret war in Pakistan is growing bigger, more conventional, and busting out into the open. The U.S. Air Force now conducts flights over Pakistani soil. U.S. security contractors operate in the country. U.S. strikes are growing larger, more frequent, and more deadly; the latest attack reportedly involved 17 missiles and killed as many as 29 people. Billions of dollars in U.S. aid goes to Islamabad. And now, U.S. forces are dying in Pakistan.

Which begs the question: When are we going to start treating this conflict in Pakistan as a real war -- with real oversight and real disclosure about what the hell our people are really doing there? Maybe at one point, this conflict could've been swept under the rug as some classified CIA op. But that was billions of dollars and hundreds of Pakistani and American lives ago.

The attack took place in Lower Dir, which like much of the northwest is home to pockets of militants. The Pakistani army launched a major operation in Lower Dir and the nearby Swat Valley last year that succeeded in pushing the insurgents out, but isolated attacks have continued.

The Americans were traveling with Pakistani security officers in a five-car convoy that was hit by a bomb close to the Koto Girls High School.

"It was a very huge explosion that shattered my windows, filled my house with smoke and dust and also some human flesh fell in my yard," said Akber Khan, who lives some 50 yards (45 meters) from the blast site.

It is such a shame that a large portion of the taxes that I still owe the IRS go to these s wars whether secret or not... I never approved our country getting involved in these wars for oil!!
Do we not understand the monstrosity that we have created with the military industrial complex,our Frankenstein??
Here in Oz, the taxes are high but at least people including myself get something back for all the money we pay! Aussies at least have free health care and the government has incentives to help the common man!

well Colin is finally asleep after waking up after being asleep for a couple of hours..
Im telling my honey that we have to wean him from always getting attention at night when he wakes up
so tonight she gave in and cuddled him
but this time, he started crying when he was put back in the cot
and I told her to let him cry..
we closed the door and after less than 5 minutes , he was fast asleep cuddling his teddy bear.... He is so adorable..we are blessed..I need to get a new camera! these pics are priceless
now maybe he will sleep past 5 this morning and not wake us as the new dawn arises over the Pacific!
tonight is such a beautiful night as the 3/4 moon danced among the clouds and lightened up the ocean so beautifully....
some just want to have this view all to themselves... but it is it's for everyone to enjoy in Oz...
that is the wonderful thing about Oz...
the beach is not private...its for everyone...
and there is access from every street down the Gold Coast.,,,
some greedy want the view all to themselves...
but that happens in the states alot more often than here...

I put a pic from my old archives since my bloody camera is not working...

Monday, February 01, 2010

Finally reform of NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND!

"The Obama administration is proposing a sweeping overhaul of President Bush’s signature education law, No Child Left Behind, and will call for broad changes in how schools are judged to be succeeding or failing, as well as for the elimination of the law’s 2014 deadline for bringing every American child to academic proficiency"
I probably say too much on my blog
giving out too much info about myself and my life...
all I want is a simple life on the beach...
while working on my bronze so that I can be a volunteer lifeguard on weekend and compete in the surf/swimming events nationally!
everybody is judgemental...
all the crap that has happened to me in my life...
but I'm glad that I have good friends to help me and our little family...
the king tides together with the remnants of cyclone Olga
were lapping up against our backyard...
I wish that my camera worked so I could show you the pictures...
the winds were strong hitting up against our windows....
it's cool experiencing the storm from the vantage of our second story window..