Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I was reading this other blog , about Post AVATAR DEPRESSION ....
folks get depressed because they cannot live up to this fantasy in the movie... I haven't seen it yet
but my wife is really looking forward to it with the sky high movie prices in Oz!! $21.00!!
the prices in this country could easily depress any family or at least put an American family into an economic depression...

when I was stuck in the Arkie Zone with the in laws, and I was playing musical bedrooms,
the only thing to do was flip the channel for something interesting
or most of the time suffer through what the relatives wanted to watch or go outside
into the below freezing weather for some fresh air and maybe be be brave enough to risk frostbite bicycling rather than suffer more cabin fever in close proximity with folks that seemed to only apreciate our charismatic Colin (unlike his parents who overstayed their welcome long before Thanksgiving)... I would often dream about being here in Oz swimming in the surf and playing with the fantasy has become reality, but there's always something to rain on our parade... even when living in paradise, realize that shit still happens...
but it sure is nice dealing with life's crap when you are looking out onto a beautiful ocean!

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