Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Brit Hume's recently had a very bigoted endorsement of how Jesus could help Tiger better than Buddha ..
I am sure this right wing anchor of Fox is concerned about Tiger Wood's eternal salvation about as much as Republican Christians are concerned about health care for poor children who don't have any..
this is still is very much under my skin
this news channel started by the Aussie, Rupert Murdoch, has wreaked much havoc on our government...
it is very scary now when a news channel proselytizes Christ on American and viewers worldwide!

I couldn't resist doing a cyber search for Bin Laden and Jesus:
This sounds sacreligious if I were a "Christian" according to some sects...
I was baptized Anglican (Church of England- Henry the 8th's new protest against the pope, religion, so he could get a divorce while still getting God's blessing..doesn't that sound a bit like what the good catholic Tony Soprano would do if he could have a meeting to negotiate the pope's blessing?? don't get me started) when I was about 1 or 2 by Canon Neal in Brisbane...
of course I cannot remember and didn't have any choice about the big whoop for me...
don't Baptists chose to be "saved" as and adult ?(albeit perhaps brainwashed just a tiny bit)
my parents let me choose my own belief/spirituality and I wasn't indoctrinated in some right wing redneck Palin esque Sunday bible school! so I digress but I am vehemently opposed to my child becoming brainwashed by right wing fundamentalist bigots
who have been easily hoodwinked by Bush and will be by Sarah Palin because they say that they have this very warped belief system that the earth was created about 5000 years ago along with the dinosaurs, cavemen and of course of the oil (that is really the reason for this stupid war in Iraq!!)
These bigots that Fox New's anchor represent feel their religion is better about "forgiveness" than others...

So I am curious and want my site to help my reader to wonder how many in this world are brainwashed into rationalizing their violence???
so up comes this site about this Aussie who morphed the face of Jesus into Bin it is:

This " Artist has the disturbing gift to upset the beliefs and convictions of many people.

Queensland (Australia) artist Priscilla Bracks denies offence with bin Laden work:…”THE artist behind a controversial work depicting terrorism mastermind Osama bin Laden morphing into Jesus today invited those considering her work to look a little more deeply than the obvious comparison of good and evil.”…(see here).

….”When you observe these two people, Osama Bin Ladin and Jesus, their ethics could not be more different. But they were both pursued by two of the world’s most powerful armies – the US and the Roman armies. Jesus is clearly defined by history, but I am interested in how history will treat the image of Osama.”…(see here)

…”The Prime Minister Johns Howard (Australia) has branded the work “gratuitously offensive” to Christians”, see here.

(..Ms Bracks’ work and a statue of the Virgin Mary wearing an Islamic burqa by Sydney artist Luke Sullivan have been entered into Australia’s top religious art competition, the Blake Prize.(see here).. ) "

What is my point?? I just wonder why so many so called peaceful religions
are the most violent
Who are the most brainwashed v ictims of this green eyed monster (that we call religion) and mindlessly or delusionally die for their god
I'm sure Jesus wouldn't agree with all the violence that has happened under his name??ie... Constantine , first emperor of the eastern Roman empire, had a dream and stated:
"In this sign, I shall conquer"
(in hoc signo vinces) Latin
It is a very scary time when religious nuts believe that God or Jesus is behind their violence (warfare)...

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