Friday, January 29, 2010

it's sometimes really hard to have happiness
when the bills keep getting larger...
thinking of all the work that needs to be done on the vestigial remains of what was once a nice house...
and then the bills just to keep up...
hmmm it almost beer 30....
and it's weekend with the surf handicap swim race going on tomorrow morning...
so I have to look on the bright side of things on this rainy day in paradise...
my honey was on the beach and so was Colin
and we all exercised a lot!!
I was wondering who was that pretty girl running on the beach??
oh that's my wife!!
we should all thankful for what we have
and if there is a god, we are blessed...
maybe I'll look at the Huffington Post
and hope that Obama will take care of what appears to be a sinking ship...
I just feel the americans desire to overspend has finally bit a big hole in the ship...

BALTIMORE — In a remarkably sharp face-to-face confrontation, President Barack Obama chastised Republican lawmakers Friday for opposing him on taxes, health care and the economic stimulus, while they accused him in turn of brushing off their ideas and driving up the national debt.

The president and GOP House members took turns questioning and sometimes lecturing each other for more than an hour at a Republican gathering in Baltimore. The Republicans agreed to let TV cameras inside, resulting in an extended, point-by-point interchange that was almost unprecedented in U.S. politics, except perhaps during presidential debates.

it's about time, our fearless leader chewed out those Republicons...I'm glad we could see it before Faux news skewed it to favor the right wing...
Inside Obama's Plan To Spend $8 Billion On High-Speed Rail


January 28, 2010 at 04:03 PM

JOAN LOWY, Associated Press Writer

"WASHINGTON - High-speed rail projects in California, Florida and Illinois are among the big winners of $8 billion in grants announced Thursday by the White House -- the start of what some Democrats tout as a national rail-building program that could rival the interstate highways begun in the Eisenhower era.

President Barack Obama announced the awards during a town hall meeting in Tampa, Fla. -- a follow-up to Wednesday's State of the Union address that focused on... "

it's great for there to finally be some good news coming from the states initiated by Obama!
I have wondered why we never got started with this during the first big energy crisis back with Jimmy Carter?? Probably the auto companies were much more powerful than they are now and lobbied against any kind of mass transit where we wouldnt be dependent of these monster called autos!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


"Australia 'most sinful' country on earth" !

Australians have come out on top as the world's most envious people in a worldwide tally of the seven deadly sins.
BBC magazine Focus found Australians also scored highly for the other six sins, making Australia the 'most sinful' country on Earth.
"Sin-prone" Australia was followed by the US, Canada, Finland and Spain.

Researchers used a points system to determine which countries committed the seven deadly sins (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride), the most.

The tally compared national statistics for plastic surgery (pride), theft (envy), violent crime (wrath), number of annual holidays (sloth), annual salary (greed), money spent on fast food (gluttony) and porn (lust).

Australians ranked first for envy and third for lust and gluttony.

Despite a fondness for the occasional sickie, sloth was was identified as the sin Australians were least likely to commit, with eight other countries considered lazier.

Six nationalities were considered more wrathful and three more greedy or proud.

Highest in each of the sin categories were the US (gluttony), Mexico (greed), South Korea (lust), Iceland (sloth and pride), Australia (envy) and South Africa (wrath).

we americans spend a third of the working year paying for taxes for wars most of us didnt agree with...
how does it make sense to work so hard and then get a heart attack before we can enjoy it??

early this am, we had a cool rain was beautiful when the sun was out early and we could see Burleigh...just wish that those trees weren't in the way!
Aussies drink a lot of beer and my mates of Ocean St. just love table tennis and the sea...
I want to say so much but the after effects of the beer are making me exhausted..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I was reading this other blog , about Post AVATAR DEPRESSION ....
folks get depressed because they cannot live up to this fantasy in the movie... I haven't seen it yet
but my wife is really looking forward to it with the sky high movie prices in Oz!! $21.00!!
the prices in this country could easily depress any family or at least put an American family into an economic depression...

when I was stuck in the Arkie Zone with the in laws, and I was playing musical bedrooms,
the only thing to do was flip the channel for something interesting
or most of the time suffer through what the relatives wanted to watch or go outside
into the below freezing weather for some fresh air and maybe be be brave enough to risk frostbite bicycling rather than suffer more cabin fever in close proximity with folks that seemed to only apreciate our charismatic Colin (unlike his parents who overstayed their welcome long before Thanksgiving)... I would often dream about being here in Oz swimming in the surf and playing with the fantasy has become reality, but there's always something to rain on our parade... even when living in paradise, realize that shit still happens...
but it sure is nice dealing with life's crap when you are looking out onto a beautiful ocean!
It's great to get the internet back again even though it's so costly here but at least I'm not on a contract with telstra/big pond (that is a huge racket just like getting contracts for cable/computer in the states) ...
I bought my Virginmobile device for the laptop that I can hook in anywhere for $89 with only 1 gigabyte. This only lasted a week. So I recharged for $50 for 3 gigabytes...Maybe I can have this last a while...
I just have to be very careful about how often I download..that is the way they determine cost here...not the amount of time!
does that make sense...
it's very muggy now in Oz but at least there is a wonderful ocean breeze to cool us off..
we don't want to resort to using the AC since electricity here is a big ripoff...
I'm glad that I have things being taken care of in the states!!

What are Mates?

a friend in need is a friend in deed...
I am just so happy that have been lucky to have met good friends such as
LA, Daniel, Charles and Matt..
Matt was the only friend to have kept in touch over the years
sending me xmas cards
always creating a smile on my face
knowing that his friend was in his thoughts...
life is short and it's all bout being with the right friends....
I am exhausted
so maybe on that note before I sweat it off...
I will get a good sleep and wake up refreshed for a good hard swim before Brekkie
Today was another great day...
if only my camera was working Id have some beautiful shots and moments of my beautiful son!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Oz DAY!

there isnt the cameraderie that is shown with Aussie pride
in the states....
there isnt the kind of brotherhood that is shown on the streets
as partyers revel by
hooting their horns with patriotism...
it almost feels like everyone is invited to the party!
the heat is sweltering right now
even with the sea breeze coming through the windows...

Monday, January 25, 2010

I believe that it's crucial that I write shit down before I forget how important a thought it could have been during one of my herbalized epiphanies...
this is such a huge change from arkansas...
but I believe that it is a tad better than living somewhere in the Okie or arkie zone...
I am probably most thankful for loyal friends who are coming through in our family's time of need...
I was telling my mate, (aussie lingo), Dan about how life would be a success if we played it like a chess game!! I want to write and talk more but I have a long day ahead celebrating Australia DaY!
Taking care of business!! yeh...
slowly but surely we will get back
to our dreAM....
and in the meantime...
it's 420 in Oz with our international 420 table tennis and chess club!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Come on! Let's Dance!

Colin plays his Ernie Doll as he sucks on his calming bottle of Aussie milk...
while my honey and I suck on some Carlton beers to celebrate the eve of Auz day!!
Thank you, LA!!
I'll have to get your number..
I of course lost the cell phone number on the flight to Fiji...
me and my ADD...
I never have enough pocket to put the important things...
I'm looking out at the surf on this hot day
with the invite of the refreshing surf looking longingly back at me...
it's good to connect with my favorite readers
to show them regardless of what happens,
I am endeavoring to be happy....
of course Misory loves company
and don't miserable people resent it when others are happy??
I'm glad that I insisted on bringing Ernie along...
I remembered but lost the cell phone
somewhere along the journey...
when Colin pushes the buttton for Ernie to sing LA Bamba, our spirits are lifted!!

Friday, January 08, 2010

when u have a nail in your foot, isn't it wonderful when it's finally out??!!..
it won't be long...maybe we can finally figure out a way out of this cold zone....
cabin fever sets in and all you want to do is get out...
I don't feel very poetic tonight especially when I talk about my plans..
I want to thank LA and her family again for taking care of Buffy...
I need to give her another thankyou buzz....
Maybe soon I will be preparing to be in the best shape that this old body can get into! I look at how my lengthening beard and tuffs of hair are all starting to turn white/grey...the stress of being the father of the family can wear me down...but I know we are finally on an upward turn....
I know things will get better and I just love to see my son grow and learn from him!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Brit Hume's recently had a very bigoted endorsement of how Jesus could help Tiger better than Buddha ..
I am sure this right wing anchor of Fox is concerned about Tiger Wood's eternal salvation about as much as Republican Christians are concerned about health care for poor children who don't have any..
this is still is very much under my skin
this news channel started by the Aussie, Rupert Murdoch, has wreaked much havoc on our government...
it is very scary now when a news channel proselytizes Christ on American and viewers worldwide!

I couldn't resist doing a cyber search for Bin Laden and Jesus:
This sounds sacreligious if I were a "Christian" according to some sects...
I was baptized Anglican (Church of England- Henry the 8th's new protest against the pope, religion, so he could get a divorce while still getting God's blessing..doesn't that sound a bit like what the good catholic Tony Soprano would do if he could have a meeting to negotiate the pope's blessing?? don't get me started) when I was about 1 or 2 by Canon Neal in Brisbane...
of course I cannot remember and didn't have any choice about the big whoop for me...
don't Baptists chose to be "saved" as and adult ?(albeit perhaps brainwashed just a tiny bit)
my parents let me choose my own belief/spirituality and I wasn't indoctrinated in some right wing redneck Palin esque Sunday bible school! so I digress but I am vehemently opposed to my child becoming brainwashed by right wing fundamentalist bigots
who have been easily hoodwinked by Bush and will be by Sarah Palin because they say that they have this very warped belief system that the earth was created about 5000 years ago along with the dinosaurs, cavemen and of course of the oil (that is really the reason for this stupid war in Iraq!!)
These bigots that Fox New's anchor represent feel their religion is better about "forgiveness" than others...

So I am curious and want my site to help my reader to wonder how many in this world are brainwashed into rationalizing their violence???
so up comes this site about this Aussie who morphed the face of Jesus into Bin it is:

This " Artist has the disturbing gift to upset the beliefs and convictions of many people.

Queensland (Australia) artist Priscilla Bracks denies offence with bin Laden work:…”THE artist behind a controversial work depicting terrorism mastermind Osama bin Laden morphing into Jesus today invited those considering her work to look a little more deeply than the obvious comparison of good and evil.”…(see here).

….”When you observe these two people, Osama Bin Ladin and Jesus, their ethics could not be more different. But they were both pursued by two of the world’s most powerful armies – the US and the Roman armies. Jesus is clearly defined by history, but I am interested in how history will treat the image of Osama.”…(see here)

…”The Prime Minister Johns Howard (Australia) has branded the work “gratuitously offensive” to Christians”, see here.

(..Ms Bracks’ work and a statue of the Virgin Mary wearing an Islamic burqa by Sydney artist Luke Sullivan have been entered into Australia’s top religious art competition, the Blake Prize.(see here).. ) "

What is my point?? I just wonder why so many so called peaceful religions
are the most violent
Who are the most brainwashed v ictims of this green eyed monster (that we call religion) and mindlessly or delusionally die for their god
I'm sure Jesus wouldn't agree with all the violence that has happened under his name??ie... Constantine , first emperor of the eastern Roman empire, had a dream and stated:
"In this sign, I shall conquer"
(in hoc signo vinces) Latin
It is a very scary time when religious nuts believe that God or Jesus is behind their violence (warfare)...

This site is backfiring...
I do a lot of writing and then find out that I have to get connected to cyberspace...
I was telling you how pissed I am at Brit Hume
this is one of the senior anchors from FOX News!
I am pissed that today's America allows for this pigheaded proselatyzing!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy Birthday in the Arky Zone, Honey!
well if we were already in Oz we wouldnt still be celebrating the birth of my young wife!
When she lets her hair down and has a tan, she could be an Ocean Pacific babe instead of just an Arky girl!!
I am lucky to have such a hot wife with a big heart!
Maybe we could be sleeping overnight on the beach in a little cabin in Fiji this time ne
xt week!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Fox News' Brit Hume gave Tiger Woods some personal advice Sunday morning, telling the scandal-plagued (and Buddhist) golfer to 'turn to Christianity' to make a full recovery.

On "Fox News Sunday," Hume — the former leader of Fox News' political reporting and host of "Special Report" who now serves as an analyst for the network — said that Woods' recovery "depends on his faith."

"The extent to which he can recover seems to me depends on his faith," Hume said. "He is said to be a Buddhist. I don't think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith. My message to Tiger would, 'Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world."

I just had to do a cut and paste of how Faux news has right wing C hristians as their news anchors and it exemplifies the hypocritical thinking of the right wing Republicon Christian thinking...
that wants to save somebody by converting them to Christianity but then in the other breath condemn universal health care
where poor innocent children can have access to proper care...
This new fundamentalism has a very warped view of Christianity!
They claim to be prolife but are the first to want to start a war(crusade)
and send their children to possible death or traumatic disability to a war that will continue to cause ill will from the Moslems towards the west!
Wasn't Jesus the prophet that believed in love and peace?? Or at least turning the other cheek??..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HONEY! (in Oz)'s a little cold
but our engines are revving up to soar with the eagles again!! I decided to put this blog into another time zone (Oz) so we can celebrate her birthday twice!

Saturday, January 02, 2010


"Ah! I was picturing you there already! We have to remind ourselves every day, "We don't get to keep her. She's not ours to keep." Because otherwise we are running the risk of becoming extremely attached to this dear creature. We all love, love, love her. All the nice things you've ever said about her are no exaggeration. In general she is having a blast, but a couple of times a day she sits (on the couch) by the front door and looks forlorn. We know what she's thinking. " does this photo above look like there is someone walking on water?

Gosh,LA! I'm becoming all verklempt!
I'm just imagining her thinking
where was I ??
and now I'm in a different home
with different folks
who love me so much!!
They make me happy
but where is that big old bald man
that takes me to new places
where no sharpe, chow, Lab mix has ever been

These are the voyages of Buffy the angry mood slasher!
(How's that sound, LA?) or should

but it will be good to tie up loose ends or at least some of them...
and then maybe Universal Energies willing, I will be getting in shape for the National surf swim championships down the beach!!
Gosh LA! Still haven't made the big trek but bought the tickets domestically and will decide on if we are going through Fiji!
Im getting cabin fever but at least the wearther is above 40 so
I can get a little cycling (to get the heart rate up)...
How is Buffy??
I miss her everytime I go outside and herbalize...
or when I go for a cycle!@