Tuesday, December 08, 2009

the world is spinning rapidly now...

I just wish that I could push the pause button!
so many topics when the rush of the first buzz of the day...
so many ways that I want to talk to you
but I'm afraid to...
I could talk about how I can escape the Yank zone (yanks, by the way to all possibly mistaken southerners, are any blokes from the "states")
I just desire polite folks that won't be rude
and politely listen to your ramblings...
at least until it's time to go
and watch the surf and daily tide
from the Ocean St. perch....
I am suffering at the choice that's probably best for my honey and therefore my family..
..i'm heartened to at least to know that my readership out there has increased...
I feel they want my family to succeed although some out there
might dislike me or just get annoyed even thinking about me??
comments out there from the audience
please don't just stay anonymous and talk to me!

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