Friday, December 18, 2009

ok.... Colin started falling asleep while I was feeding him oatmeal with bananas and strawberry
and he nods off before the tenth spoon...
that gives me a break while myhoney is out shopping with her brother...
lots of things to do
but all I wanna do is prograsstinate
and watch the final episode of the Sopranos
will Tony meet his ultimate end??
after having his enemy boss finished off
at the gas station where one of the last remaining phone booths is around...
the whole family is together
listening to a "small town girl" song...
the direct sets it up
for likely suspects about to do a hit on the whole family....
....and that is the end of the show???
all the classic reasons that there is about to be a hit..
an Italian ethnic bloke walks into the men's room
and 2 African Americans walk in..
you wonder if somebody is about to kill the whole family...
the voodoo cat that keeps looking at the picture on the wall ofTony's dead nephew (smudged by Tony after a convenient car accident)
what is about to happen....
that is where it ends...
will the dark evil looking man come out blasting
like from the original G-movie, "The Godfather"??

what does this all tell you??
well the day is above
and it's almost high noon
time for G to get on his mountain bike and ride
off to his favorite bend in the local river
a few days before
the shortest day of the year....
Relax G!
and Carpe Diem!!

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