Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I'm hoping to get in a little writing to the cyberuniverse
before Dad IL wakes up..
as time goes by maybe you will understand...
as I figure out who my audience is at the moment,
in the future??
who could read this??
my relatives
my descendants??
ex-gfs or just plain platonic friends of the past, present and future??

"what's it all about, Alphie?? "
a voice that knows me all too well from the past speaks to me..

In the meantime I guess I'm talking to anyone out there when I say you
...I have a short moment to talk to you before I need to go...
where would I go with the current passages,
the picture of this current melancoholic mood that permeates my soul...
In this current state of cabin fever
all I want is someone out there to talk to me...
I'm lonely for intellectual discussion
even if it's with right wing bloggers from !

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