Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I wish that I could put the ever accelerating time machine on pause
and reflect everything that has happened in the last couple of days!!
just a realization that we all can do the dream
and be there in Oz...
a hop, skip and jump across the wide Big Pond!!
so many things to do...
but just take baby steps, Garvald
and u can be there!!
ok... what do we need??
put the vehicles in park...
no more carbon imprint from them
at least for a little hiatus from the concrete highways...
bring ur passports
book the flights
pack ur bags as lightly as possible
get Colin's nappy sack, all the diapers,
formula in a plastic bag... will he still fit in the Bjorn??
oh yeh call the consulate to make sure our visas are still ok..
"no worries mate!"
the minimum of baby clothes
and the pram...
what else??
start making the list Daddio!!

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