Monday, December 14, 2009


I can't help being irked by people who are uglier on the inside than even their ugly face on the outside
covered by a faux peroxide blonde
and face continually rearranged
from plastic surgery
in attempt to
still look young...
reading the profile
of this one lady:

be "Justa Blonde", until a lib poster pre-empted that little bit of silliness. Native Floridian, UF Gator to the bone, big-game fishing aficianado, scuba diver, techno-trash reading raiser of orchids. Professional cat-herder for a Fortune 500.

And that handsome fellow in the picture is Rolex...a full blooded Arabian who enjoys tossing me on my (you know) every chance he gets when we visit the beach....

i remember taking a road trip to Denver to visit one of these old bleach blonde bimbo old maids nazi teabaggers...
her philosophy was why help others that need health care
or who gives a shit about the poor ??
the neocon scrooge philosophy
disguised behind a peroxide blonde wig...
she loved to make fun of libtards
but couldn't take it
when anybody poked fun
at the special ed qualities of George Bush jr....

she reminds me of Blonde's brainwashed philosophy
of these dittoheads who spout off Rush or Hannity talking points
(Faux New and Limblob have already had their credibility destroyed by John Stewart on his half hour comedy news show)
several times I've had different names on
this blonde bitch has continually iniated the insults and apparently
does research on my name
having kept up with my blogger resume
and immediately tattletales to the ceos of the Neocon Newsbusters site..

why do I go there...I survived two posts before being banned
and my IP was recorded by the Newsbuster cyberspace SS
and put on suspension for about a year...
as far even being able to access this site...
they had banned the school's Ip
and then the IP I used at my flat in Oz was denied access...
talk about how they are preventing people that they don't like to read and expose their lies!
I don't understand the motivation for this right wing blog other than being financed by some right wing CEO like Rupert Murdoch
I guess Brent Bozell and Mathew Sheppard started this right wing neoconservative blog...
Have u noticed recently how this far right wing move started with them taking over the radio waves in the late 80s with Rush
and then along comes Fox to help sway people to vote for the very disastrous George Bush Jr!

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