Friday, December 11, 2009

"December 11, 2009 (from the Daily OM)
Optimism and Realism
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
You may feel hopeful today and experience a sense of optimism about your long-term goals. These feelings could help you envision a better outcome than you might have initially anticipated, so you might want to spend time reevaluating your goals. If there are opportunities to stretch your limits in a way you have not yet done, you can explore the possibilities for personal growth and come up with some new action-steps that will further your goals. At the same time, it might be helpful to temper your optimism with realistic expectations today. This could enable you to approach your goals with efficiency so that you don’t become frustrated if events take unexpected turns along the way.

We can achieve our goals more efficiently if we strive for a healthy balance between optimism and realism. While our optimistic attitude lends positive energy to our actions, we might be tempted to believe that our journey will be smooth and effortless. Rather than sabotaging ourselves with expectations that are too high, we can instead choose to inject a dose of realism into our goals. We are then able to use our optimism to fuel our actions and continue along the path to our goals, while at the same time develop a flexible attitude that helps us to overcome challenges and persevere. With this combination of optimism and realism, the achievement of our goals becomes much more possible. Your hopeful outlook can further your goals if you choose to temper it with a dose of reality today.

ok..what do I do?? I could sneak outside for a puff just to overcome any creative anxiety I might have and actually have a clearer (?) image of all the things that I have to do...I have to figure out a way for our family to budget our travels to Oz and live modestly but comfortably with a very low carbon imprint...(cept for the flight to Oz ;)
or I could write some more before I have to give up this writing chair in my gracious host's den...I have to send off some aps and that will probably be the biggest benefit for peace of mind, freedom from anxiety, and my honey will help see her jeep so we don't have to worry about outrageous payments and high auto insurance...

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