Saturday, December 12, 2009

at least the weekend is warming up
so I don't freeze instantly
to walk from the car to Walmart
this little trek of the day
was to go behind the village down by the river...
it's a cool little place to escape to
especially in the warming spring...
even risk swimming across the river by the falls...
I throw a ball and
see Buffy eventually timidly grab it in the icy cold water...
she is still one brave girl
letting out a little bit of the golden retriever out
verses the timidity towards water of the Chinese imperial sharpe family guard dog...
I love her so much...
there is so much for the loyalty of a dog
cept when the bitch runs off when I call for her..

ok....does this scene cause any interest in the eye of the reader??
as you wonder why I might have an image
of Tony Soprano
and a babe from the Bing
all over him??
The show has become my favorite TV serial
while attempting to entertain myself

in my challenging pursuit of happiness
in the foothills of the Ozarks...
while waiting for our trip to Oz...

Tony has a large family
and deals with major depression
but he keeps his visits to the shrink in the closet...
he knows anyone in the mob could be mortally vulnerable for having any demonstable weakness

they become a target for the mob
that doesn't want embarrassing members of the mob...
especially for the poor fat faggot Capo
that was terminated by his brother in law...
after his ecape
and brief love affair
with a volunteer fireman/short order cook
{would u believe it}

what is my parallel??
how much of my presence
could my in law family tolerate
before I go on another odyssey

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