Saturday, November 28, 2009

the weather is beautiful at least here in hillbilly country
while I sneak off to relieve myself and have a little buzz
I'm as usual in a decision limbol...
well for me the choice is obvious..
to deal with the possibility of living with this extended family..
cousin Sally suggests I rent
but that makes me almost blow a stack
and perhaps say things that I'll regret
that bitter side of my mouth has hurt more folks than any other part of my physical apperture...
I try to imagine when I was happiest...
was it when I had a variety of beautiful personalities in and out of my life ?
until our living habits, behavior and ultimately our personalities
got on each others' nerves??
and I would need my current cave/closet to hide away from the reality that I did not enjoy...
I had to escape....
we might become bored
or just plain tired of the situation..
bring up these children not related to me would not be an inevitability
but often when I was with my new found families of my ex-gfs
..well I need to go's time to leave my musical bedroom , before I have to clean it up and put the fold out cot where it was before..
now I have a little chance to write
but Dad in L. will want his puter back...
all I can imagine is watching sunrise and sunset on the beach
legally herbalized....

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