Wednesday, November 25, 2009

walkabout in misory....
my infiniti went off a little track...
1-44 instead of 71N....
so why not check out the beaches is this state of mizory along the many man made lakes of the Ozarks!!

Buffy and me
on another little adventure...
wonderful to meet LA and Muffy again
Butterfly effect:this wouldn't have happened
maybe I would be a different person and this blog wouldn't never have been created??
Maybe I would never have become a father...'
and I would be miserable and alone...
Instead I am often miserable but don't we love company??
It's wonderful not to be alone!!
sharing moments with friends and family are the best moments...
I lost all the sentences about Buffy being so happy..dancing the way Snoopy does in his comics when he is the happiest dog lying on top of his dog house with his circle of friends..
his little bird chick family!!
and see Buffy re bond with the family again!!

Maybe eventually my ole friends can meet Colin waking up to a new dawn of civilization and peaceful utopia??
I guess I will edit all of this later....I have to realize that I can't let myself get down over my very imperfect first impressions of a great weekend!!
I have to realize how important happiness's there
seeing my son smile at me...
thinking of all the time we can still share together
as he deals with his first impressions!!

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