Sunday, November 29, 2009

(picture from a very similar topography from Nimbin, NSW!)
still wakin' up to hillbillitis as winter approaches...
all I can dream about is our family in Oz in summer!!
enjoying the beach before the inevitable tsunami takes
most of the beach away...
as our once and future president causes Colin's other country to sink
further into our modern Vietnam...
I have to get away from this right wing fundamentalist thinking that voted for the idiot that got us into 2 wars and has held this country hostage for almost a decade
we are not just in one war but two!!
and the media never approaches the real reason behind these wars!!
to profit Cheney and Bush's oil rich buddies and families!!
the Mafia of politics!!
30 thousand more troops will go there !
that is 30k x a million $

Don't get me started...
I just want our family to escape the Arkie Zone and have our own peaceful low carbon imprint from this mess!
I had an argument this morning with my Christian mother in law...
she believes in Jesus but thinks escalating this war is a good thing
so that these Moslem infidels won't be over here...
with all this hate that we've created over there,
it will be hard to stop them...
especially if they have become shrinks in our own army!!
This how war is really about religion and war...
they have hate for us and
we have hate for them...
then you mix God in the equation and
these idiots on both side believe they are in a "holy war"!

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