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Jon Stewart Trashes Sean Hannity For Apologizing To Him
By Noel Sheppard November 13, 2009 - 15:20

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart absolutely trashed Sean Hannity on Thursday's "The Daily Show."

What was Hannity's crime this time?
( Comrade Sheppard runs Newsbuster like the Pravda was run under Stalin!)

Well, the Fox News personality actually apologized to Stewart for a mistake that was made in a "Hannity" segment aired last week and "reported" by "The Daily Show" host on his program Tuesday.

Rather than graciously accepting Hannity's apology, Stewart attacked him with a segment that included a "young," 22-year old producer -- having aged 50 to 60 years watching "Hannity" the last five months -- asking Stewart to kill him so he wouldn't have to watch any more (video embedded below the fold with transcript):

so of course, it's perfectly alright for fox to rig the news or more like propaganda to fit their agenda that they want people to believe!
It is amazing how folks believe this channel...
and so it's amazing how blindly people will vote for Palin...the dumbest governor (male or female) in American history!!
read this site sometime and see how there are no liberals ...if they do , they eventually weed them out as I was...the represent the very sore losers of the Republicon party!
It is amazing how their idols are idiots like Bush, Palin, Limbaugh and Beck!

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