Friday, November 27, 2009

Black (dog) Friday

whenever I visit with my good mate(oz lingo) and muse, Charles, I seem to be at a crossroads with plenty of herbal epiphanies...
I checked out my tenants' home
and felt like the 3 ghosts of xmas past had possibly visited me the night before without my knowledge...
Cannabized dreams are the best after a long hiatus from good bud...
It was great to visit the street that I habitated half my life...
It would be so nice to do a documentary (time lapsed photography) with interludes into the lives of my closet cannabizing neighbors of 83rd street..
This forbidden formosa tree is still surviving after being cut in hald..
it still gives my old abode an appearance of being semi sub tropical...
I feel like I experienced relationships and friendships coming and going like a movie/documentary flashing before my eyes...
well, my son, Colin has just run over to me, so I'll talk to u in a while..

"Overcoming Creative Anxiety
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(I thought that I might do a cut and paste, because I believe that anxiety is our family's biggest disability for me and especially my wife... part of me used to worry until I trained myself not to be overcome with worry.... so hence I pro grass tinated... and then I would think what is the biggest priority to take care of business)

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