Thursday, September 10, 2009

we woke up before 6 hearing our precious gift crying l
both of us changed Colin's diapers...
my honey went back to bed
after a little pill
to greet the day far more relaxed
I watched and fed Colin in his high chair with my recipe of oats, muesli and rice...with bright orange red carrots to play with...
my honey just woke up refreshed at 8 to change his poopiness and give him a bath.. she talks in her cute voice to him...(when I talk like a baby she can't stand it)
I just made her some freshly ground coffee with macadamia nut honey from the local farming communities in the hills of the hinterland... giving her treats is my way of making love..
just giving to others especially my family makes me happier

I haven't had the urge to write for a while...nothing like a minute amount of bud for the little lift and the slightly different perspective created before I have a swim and go back to bed...mmm
sleep is sounding more attractive
three royal airforce helicopters flew by and shook the building like an earthquake...
never a dull moment along this sometimes tranquil and beautiful Gold Coast

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