Friday, September 18, 2009

""There is a substantial hippie community that exists on St. Louis' South Side around the area of South Grand Avenue. There is also another older, but growing hippie enclave in a close-in suburb of St. Louis. Known as the University City Loop along 10 blocks of Delmar Boulevard, the area is hopping with hippie-run shops and vendor stands."
Another Opinion: Bullshit.I lived there for 10 yrs on and off and ya I meet some cool people (every place has em) but The Dirty BASTARDS tryed to give me 30 yrs for cultivation. 14 little plants, less than 5 grams. I'm a 3 time loser, but I hadn't been locked up in 17 yrs. I just thought since You people were trying to guide people to where the Kynd Folks are St.Louis and or Missouri ain't it. The Law there are about the Money and Crooked, definitly stay out of Jefferson County south of St.Louis "
I noticed that some bloke every other day does a search for schwagstock often from somewhere in missouri...
they find my site... I feel like exposing how the police are in the states, in regards to a harmless herb that actually has many health benefits , including lowering blood pressure and reducing the need for addictive valium!!

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