Thursday, September 03, 2009

maybe a little too much info comes out
under the hydroherbalied epiphanies...
it's nice to do a little herbalizing with neighbors of the beach..
each seeking a little release from the mundanity of day to day survival...
but we figure solutions or just plans
while my mate figures out how to kick my ass in nintendo pong!!

now I'm under the influence of the mojo and the moon...
I feel her effects as everyone is drawn to her influence
as they come out to the Godess of yore
cave men and cavewomen worshipped her
cavorted under her magical influence...
now the millionaires of Hedges pay their homage
coming out on their balconies and limited yards
a few meters from their sea...
what is it about the moon that causes
us to act like loonatics (lunartics?)
or maybe just feel a little delusional actually narcissistically thinking something would come out as great poetry...

where am I going with this blog??
am I trying to ever gain the courage and especially the discipline
just to do what it might take to make the goals that I want in this short life!
I realize t hat happiness has to come from within and just living in the now
greatful for every day
that my son can learn to talk
and walk to me...

I have many regrets in life but all I hope for is that I grow as a person
and now into I person that I would love as a family would love the members of it's own family...

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