Sunday, August 09, 2009

Yet, happy I am that you are back in Oz. Confused I am though, about the fornacatory statements you made about work. Thought, I did, that you re beyond that four letter word, employment.Italic
wow steve, since I missplaced(?) ur email I''ll write back on the blog that u've apparently been following it... it would have been nice to have connected on the phone or in person....but the window of opportunity was there to have our chance to escape again for a briefer time to my magical mermaid beach!! Mom in Law has to
go back to teaching really soon but I'm hoping that one more week under the circumstances to help angela and me get on track with parenting and especially my sweethearts very deep depressions..

Alaska is pretty much the same, and with Godzilla gone, a happier life it will be for me. Sometimes one must stand firm in the face the beast, and hold on. It bores the hell out of them. Wish, I do, for what you love to come true. ...the Witch of the Far NorthWe

maybe sometime you could go into Godzilla, I wonder if the monster was anything like our friend, Jesus Koreshka or any of the witches in my previous life...
right now Mom and Angela are on a shopping spree for clothes , souvenirs and essentials for the a high chair to eat from

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