Sunday, August 09, 2009

Yesterday was the best day in a long while...

Ok...just after reading about toxic nostalgia in this book about "Emotional resilience", i have this canabized epiphany at 4am after feeding my baby Colin his bottles (he is hungry and we both hear him crying hoping he'll quit and we wonder whose turn it is or should we both go again in the middle of the night like we did before...I'm not enthusiastic about taking care of shit...but fortunately he's only wet and so it's much easier to clean him off..)

I sneak out into the outdoor hallway after making sure bub is asleep still worried about others' qualms with the herb as they might judge a stoner the way they would judge a lazy bum who is making the choice not to work while begging for food and work on the exit sign of the highway...

do we judge less harshly a cigarette and coffee addict ...we might think it's cool as long we don't have to breath the nicotine laced air....yeh all of us judge and no better or harsh a judge than a mother in law long having been the real matriarch of the family....I've entered into this family and now we are all tied together by our beautiful Colin Murray Garvald..

wow!! then I realize how I can get back all the written thoughts that were just thought to be lost in cyberspace , fucked over by this already outdated laptop (almost 3 years old)....I just click the reload button above!! :) all these good moments we need to celebrate...Kiddingly, I was telling her and her mom the different ways we can celebrate....
and now after talking with Annette both of us realized the work we have to put into making our Angela better... mom in law and son in law united on two very important efforts.... the other very important thirds of my family!

on another subject, I was browsing Huffington Post and had to show this article!

"Hemp as paper: Hemp won't just save trees, but paper made from Hemp is stronger and more durable. According to Ecomall

The hemp plant, like cotton, produces cellulose fibers that are much more pure than fibers derived from wood...Many of the early documents printed on hemp paper hundreds, or even one thousand years ago, are still in existence.

Hemp as a fuel: Hemp is more sustainable and burns cleaner than any other fuel. More importantly, though, EcoMall says:

The same high cellulose level that makes hemp ideal for paper also makes it perfect for ethanol fuel production. Ethanol is the cleanest-burning liquid bio-alternative to gasoline. In one test, an unleaded gasoline automobile engine produced a thick, black carbon residue in its exhaust, while the tailpipe of a modified ethanol engine tested for the same 3,500 miles remained pristine and residue-free.

Also, when hemp as a biodiesel combusts it releases water vapor and CO2 which is absorbed by plants.

Hemp to renew soil:
For one, hemp grows in abundance. But more importantly, when plants grow they deplete the soil of some natural vital nutrients, hemp however revitalizes the soil.

Hemp actually revitalizes the soil it grows in, both by aerating the soil and through the deposit of carbon dioxide in to it. This makes hemp ideal for crop rotation, and the crop that follows in the soil hemp grew in will develop better than if hemp had not been used.

Hemp as a fiber: Hemp is one of the strongest plant fibers. The venerable fiber is extremely resistant and rugged and has been used bu sailors to hold ships and sails. In fact, Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag from hemp.

Hemp can produce 250% more fiber than cotton and 600% more fiber than flax using the same amount of land.

Hemp as food and care: Hemp seeds can be eaten or used as edible oil and provide an incredible source for protein. It can also be grown where other plants won't because it is so durable. The oil can also be used for hair and skin care and detergent."

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