Thursday, August 20, 2009

What would Jesus do??

That's what a lot of so called "Christian" folks might say... fundamentalists/judgmentalists perhaps might say another cliche or 2 from the bible to rationalize their behavior...
What if Jesus was bipolar.. perhaps he might have had binges of "mania" to decide to spend 40 days and 40 nights in the desert and came up with some pretty heavy stuff and ideas !!
enough so that most of the New Testament is about him and his word...enough so that half the world believes or wants to believe in this bloke that is said to have walked on water and turned water into wine..
(Did you know that a variety of mind altering herbs were around that far back?? God only knows what plants he might have tasted in the desert...imagine Native Americans discovering Pejote in the desert and they often have connections with the spirits)

what about Ghandi??
he decided to shave his head and wear a white robe everywhere instead of the normal business suit of British India.. that was pretty radical back then...
he was succesful ...
what makes folks delusional enough to have these
images or feelings from God?
If God came and talked with me personally, others might think I was delusional and maybe was showing symptoms of a manic/depressive personality?? God only knows!

Causes and Natural Treatments for Bipolar Disorder
by Patric Darby, M.D.

"There is a vast amount of data from traditional psychiatry, that opines Bipolar Disorder to be a genetic disorder, but that doesn't explain what causes it.

The inability to break down Norepinephrine due to a deficiency in an enzyme called COMT is one objective finding I have found useful in explaining to patients why they behave or react certain ways. (And this one is a genetic find)

Pfeiffer reported that those who have daily or day-to-day mood swings have food allergies or hypoglycemia. In addition, he said they are pyroluric and are easily treated with adequate doses of B6 and Zinc. (do you know about pyroluria?)

Pfeiffer recommends

1. Adequate B6 for dream recall (NTE 2gms qd)
2. Zinc (as gluconate) 30mg am &pm
3. Manganese (as gluconate) 10mg am &pm
4. if B6 produces numbness in extremities. Shift to pyridoxal phosphate at 1/10th dose of normal B6

I found it interesting that I have been trained in traditional psychiatry to medicate manic-depressives. Personally, I find this dreadful, as I think we lose a lot of great minds and creations when we do. Just think of all the historical geniuses who would fit the bipolar mold, and if they were living today, they would be medicated out of creating. (Not to offend anyone, but this would probably also include
Jesus Christ, as he would certainly fit the bill for a Bipolar Psychotic, by today's standards, just think about it). And all the actors, and others today who are strange and bizarre, well, some are getting medicated and they aren't doing too much anymore.(I was even thinking of Robin Williams...he
has enough issues and manias to come up with some very good comedy material!!)

As I just treat kids, I have found that many of them can be controlled with a sugar free diet. It takes a long time (average is about 2 years) for the family to make this adjustment, but it does work. So are they still Bipolar? (I have other opinions about this area as well).

Furthermore, there is now a Bipolar IV Disorder. That is, a patient who has an adverse reaction to a medication, such as an antidepressant and exhibits signs of mania, therefore, is labeled Bipolar. If this person never had this medication, they would never had this experience, nor would they have the diagnosis.

(It's 445 in the morning enjoying the few hours I have to myself while the rest of my family is asleep..I have let myself get into the "rut" here in this different circadian time zone of Oz.. to crash out about 8 or 9, sleeping till 2 am... so then rather than fight the midnight insomnia, I get up and write and decide to connect to my friends, ex friends and the rest of the cyber universe... then when I feel like I'll be able to sleep very easily I retire again for a few hours, starting the daily cycle all over again...}

I read somewhere that there are almost 20 million diagnosed folks with Bipolar...imagine all the undiagnosed freaks that hit twice that number...visit the homeless spots anywhere in the world and you'll find lots of folks that have lost touch with reality and hear voices...
we want to label them and then not deal with them or subject them to societies' shunning ...
we call them "mental cases or mentally ill" and then treat them like they have leprosy..

so maybe when I have my herbipheny, I come up with my own spirituality..
I'd like to believe there is a place where Mom and Dad are waiting for me..and if so why wouldn't my mother's energy and vibes come from the blue sweater that she painstakingly hand knitted for me ?? I actually feel her warmth when I put on the sweater and she gives me a lift when I'm feeling down, lonely and overwhelmed with bringing up a family while having to deal with some very deep psychological regardless of what others think the comfort far outweighs the fashion faux pas of society..uh's 5am and Colin is waking up again..he usually wakes up once in the night about 2 or 3 and then wakes up fully by about 5 or 530 at least an hour before sunrise!.. it seems like my sleep patterns and periods of being tired appear to follow his patterns!
she made pullovers when i was growing up and out grew out of them..

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