Sunday, August 02, 2009

this is the last time I'll be able to write on a stationary 'puter unless I bike over to the local Mermaid Beach library behind Pac' Fair...
I can't believe we'll be there in less than 24 hours!!..cept we'll totally skip Monday... No manic Monday (maybe I shouldnt kid about mania after our experiences...seriously) when we hop over the International date line......
well I guess we will be having a little monday ...perhaps ...except travelling west would help us go back in time until some where in the Pacific...the next day would completely disappear from our existence..
while everyone else in the world is going on with their business as usual on Monday..
think about it.. if someone left LA on 9/1o they could have missed 9/11 completely... scary thought...does anybody else out there think about this kinda shit??
LA: I saw maybe you read my blog yesterday?? Im sorry that I wont be around when you come for your extended family's reunion..
Isn't totally bizarre about the coincidence that your relatives live in the same town to the family I married??... do you believe in sychronistic serendipity?? all these weird coincidences that have happened in my life..
just drank some form Navaho tea and of course the last bowl ( a tiny last bit left) of my favorite..(soon to be legal when Obama helps pass the decriminalization of the weed...but that wont be until after our country's fucked healthcare finally improves..
a big improvement is making insurance companies drop the preexisting clause from policies...
of course they can't deny insurance for lousy drivers but at the moment if your blood pressure is a little high most companies won't cover you at all for heart least until you have met the waiting period.!
In the meantime, Oz is the place to go to get coverage especially when they have socialized medicine...something that wont happen as long as insurance companies rule the way it is for health coverage!!

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