Saturday, August 22, 2009

"The sweater IS weird, but only because it has never fit you."

so if it fit, then it wouldn't be weird?? or if the glove fits??Text Color
"I watched HOARDERS and they attach sentimental value to objects to the point that it inhibits their inner growth."

u talking about me??

obviously ..
if so what inner growth could have happened had I let it??
a tumor?? don't need any inner
You know that u've watched hoarders (namely moi) and probably hated that part of me the most... oh well... gradually i get out of the orbit of senti mental junk that I've accumulated in the closets of my homes and my mind??? and wait to open up t
he closets when the time is right.. and would there be possibly be a best seller somewhere in all of these unedited essays that I've written in the past 5 years of blogging...

"They FEAR what will happen if they break the ritual. Try counting, breathing, and measuring the level of your anxiety as you put AWAY the sweater in a very careful, loving and even ceremonious way. Then, you will officially grow up"

.. they/I lose connections with the past life that they/I that what Dr. Von Stupen might believe??...
no...I just count 1,2,3 and sprint to the surf
where the dolphins are cavorting with each other and the waves as they c
elebrate their tasty supper in the twilight of the Gold Coast...
my anxiety momentarily washes away with the saltwater... I come back invigorated with the rejuvenating Pacific to my new home on the beach
the high anxiety of my better half greets me with a hypoglycemic plea for help
I try to soothe her frayed nerves ,

but then I see the loving smile of this innocent soul that has just come into my life..and I am becoming so devoted to him...the connection when he laughs at the time... He says Dada and looks directly at me when I arrive into the room...
do I even wanna grow up ??

when I learn from all over again what it is to be a happy new soul discovering
each new thing about the new day!! ..

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