Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ive been behaving like an old man lately... retiring at gets dark so early here on the coast...about 6pm...
but then I wake up early at 2 am...I guess I should take the power nap after dinner for an hour and set the alarm for an hour...then do the writing and herbalizing with everyone in deep rems but myself!! even sip on just one beer.. anymore could agravate the gout I'm keeping in control by swimming and cycling everywhere... at least 2 good hard swims past the breaker and a couple of good body surfing waves to carry me in faster that Michael Phelps...
but so many gorgeous winter ?evenings!!

the realities of fatherhood are penetrating painfully but sometimes in a good way that I have to grow up to be this self actualized person that was always out of your paradigm??
I am trying so hard to help this's taking oodles of effort and coordination to establish and maintain...(im afraid colin is sounding like he's about to awakr early..
I unfortunately woke up at 2 am after a very weird dream that Im almost too embarassed to explain...sometimes I can such lucid dreams!!
Now it's420 am and Colin is starting to talk to himself so happy to meet a new day... He was a hit as usual at the surf club loving all the attention doted on him...He is such a pretty far the cutest of Mermaid Beach babies!!

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