Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Back in Oz!!..it's wonderful to be back in OZ!!
and that Mom in Law is helping us out at least for a few days

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  1. Lost, ya lost me somewhere between Oklahoma and Oz there, big fella. Remiss, I am to admit that I neglected to call, but half crazed I was due to a lack of funds, with time running out the way it was. Yet, happy I am that you are back in Oz. Confused I am though, about the fornacatory statements you made about work. Thought, I did, that you were beyond that four letter word, employment.

    Alaska is pretty much the same, and with Godzilla gone, a happier life it will be for me. Sometimes one must stand firm in the face the beast, and hold on. It bores the hell out of them. Wish, I do, for what you love to come true. ...the Witch of the Far NorthWest