Friday, July 31, 2009

it's cool to be chatting with you again!!
it's nice to know I'll be in my favorite place...
I know that there are a lot of loose ends that I need to tie up but just the chance to be in the land that I love again...
If I have to bribe and bribe my mother in law just to ease the transition for my wife back to paradise,it is worth it ...
I reveal too much sometimes ...
oh well, sometimes I feel like ranting about something and then I'm empty of words.. or at least the words that I could be exposing to the judgmental public out there..
a lot of changes are ppening now in the US with the recession and with Obama trying to get us out of the mess in Iraq while pumping the public for the real need for some sort of improved health coverage for the people''
in the meantime, I want to bond more with my in laws.. and then reach out to my extended family in Oz!!
It will be great to see all the mates on Ocean street and in my favorite surf club...
while I look out at the sea every morning I wake up with my favorite ground coffee!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

another day in rainy hillbilly running and screaming all over the place...I guess that's why I think one is enough...
I'm amazed how these single parents can do it..
and you wonder why they grow up with lots of issues..
even when they grow up with both parents they still can have issues...
yeh, I have plenty of issues...
but how much is genetic ADD??
now we are packing up again and it will nice to get help from Mommy in Law at least for a few days...
that is the best thing...
this country is falling apart especially when they can spend trillions of our tax money for wars that most americans don't agree with
and we can't do the same with greedy repukes and corrupt demos that want to ally themselves with the greedy insurance companies..
Australia at least uses tax money to help the folks and a poor working person doesn't go bankrupt because they lost their job and has huge medical bills..
the govt pays for most of the health bills... it's not the best but it's better than most plans for the single individual who pays for it all on his own...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Ooh, I bet you're wondering how I knew
About you're plans to make me blue
With some other land that you knew before.
Between the two of us mates
You know I love you more.
It took me by surprise I must say,
When I found out yesterday.
Don't you know that..

(Chorus:)I heard it through the grapevine
Not much longer would you be mine.
Oh I heard it through the grapevines,
Oh and we're just about to lose our minds.
Honey, honey yeah.
I know that a man ain't supposed to cry,
But these tears I can't hold inside.
Losin' you and Oz would end my life you see,
Cause you all mean that much to me.
You could have told me yourself
That you love some other land instead...

(Chorus)People say believe half of what you see,Colin Murray,
and none of what you hear.
I can't help bein' confused
If it's true please tell me dear?
Do you plan to let me go
For the other land you loved before?
Don't you know..."

Apologies to Marvin Gay....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Here I am getting up early after waking up early to relieve myself after a cramped fitful sleep of dreams of reliving the past with another perspective..
I suppose Vietnam veterans have post traumatic stress disorder...
I have post traumatic life fuck ups disorder...and I relieve these situations ocassionally in my dreams...
It's nice to have the treat of the last very strenuous day of the Tour de France...
I wonder how well Lance can do having not yet had even a stage win , let alone wearing the yellow jersey...

...I just couldn't resist doing a cut and paste of what could have happened on these continental United States by the Bush/Cheney regime!!:

"New York Times MARK MAZZETTI and DAVID JOHNSTON July 24, 2009 at 10:22 PM
WASHINGTON Top Bush administration officials in 2002 debated testing the Constitution by sending American troops into the suburbs of Buffalo to arrest a group of men suspected of plotting with Al Qaeda, according to former administration officials
Vice President Dick Cheney and several other Bush advisers at the time strongly urged that the military be used to apprehend men who were suspected of plotting with al Qaida, who later became known as the Lackawanna Six, the Times reported on its Web site Friday night. It cited former administration officials who spoke on condition of anonymity."
It is really scary the way this administration and another one like it could have done this...they had so much power and implied power after 911 using the hate and fear of Americans to do what ever they wanted!
936 pm...
yeh, life is passing by as another tackle of the Tour de France by Lance...
is accomplished!!
so it's 930 in a hillbilly evening...
How can I paint you a better picture half ass as well as Dickens would without all the eloquent adjectives that he describes so well...
I have a choice of rented DVDs or HDTV of the tour, and how does one use 3 different remotes

Friday, July 24, 2009

"hmmm, I think I see light at the end of the tunnel.."

it sure is a nice reality check becoming a father..
I just need to think of the positive side about having such a beautiful baby..if we both could, life would be so much easier!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Or surfing the waves, big or small...
being in that zone for as long as you can

you find yourself drowning under the calm waves of boredom...
running away from the clutches of the Okie Zone
and then letting my bald tires get stuck in the mud and mire of the Arkie Zone!!
Maybe God/or the universal energies that circulate the dust and help the microscopic electrons to orbit and escape their orbits..
Maybe they could rotate in just the right ways for our small family's minute time on this geologic layer of our spaceship earth...
to live long and prosper
on our gorgeous beach beside our calming blue rejuvenating Pacific!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

another day in limbo...meanwhile on the other side of the hemisphere..
my place in Oz is a foot closer to NZ!
"WELLINGTON (AFP) – A massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake last week has moved the south of New Zealand closer to Australia, scientists said Wednesday.
With the countries separated by the 2,250-kilometre-wide (1,400-mile-wide) Tasman Sea, the 30 centimetre (12 inch) closing of the gap in New Zealand's southwest won't make much difference.
But earthquake scientist Ken Gledhill of GNS Science said the shift illustrated the huge force of the tremor, the biggest in the world so far this year.
"Basically, New Zealand just got a little bit bigger is another way to think about it," he told AFP.
While the southwest of the South Island moved about 30 centimetres closer to Australia, the east coast of the island moved only one centimetre westwards, he said.
The biggest quake in New Zealand in 78 years caused only slight damage to buildings and property when it struck the remote southwest Fiordland region of the South Island last Thursday.
A small tsunami was generated by the earthquake, with a tide gauge on the West Coast of New Zealand recording a wave of one metre.
"For a very large earthquake, although it was very widely felt, there were very few areas that were severely shaken," Gledhill said.
Aerial inspection of the forested fiords near the quake's epicentre showed few land slips or other signs of damage.
This was partly because the type of rupture at the boundaries of the Australian and Pacific plates meant the energy from the quake was largely directed westwards towards the sea rather than inland towards the nearest towns.
The type of quake, known as a subduction thrust rupture, also meant the quake produced lower frequency shaking, felt as a rolling motion, rather than sharp jolts which would have caused more damage.
New Zealand frequently suffers earthquakes because it marks the meeting point of the Australian and Pacific continental plates.

Gledhill said the latest quake may have brought forward a major quake on the offshore section of the Alpine fault, off the coast of Fiordland in the Tasman Sea.
"There could easily be another large earthquake in another part of that region. We can't predict that obviously."
The latest quake was the biggest since February 2, 1931 when a 7.8 quake killed at least 256 people in the North Island city of Napier.
The biggest quake recorded here measured 8.2 and caused major damage in 1855 in the fledgling European settlement that later became the capital Wellington.
The latest quake was unusual in striking right on the boundary of the Australian and Pacific plates and will be important in researching earthquake hazards, Gledhill said..." sure would be nice to go there...I sure would be nice to be swimming on the beach right now.. Maybe I can convince my wife and her mom to come ... her mom could help us and at least get a chance to see how wonderful our little paradise is... maybe a step above the foothills of the Ozarks??... at least it's my beach and my playground..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO — A drug deal plays out, California-style: A conservatively dressed courier drives a company-leased Smart Car to an apartment on a weekday afternoon. Erick Alvaro hands over a white paper bag to his 58-year-old customer, who inspects the bag to ensure everything he ordered over the phone is there.

An eighth-ounce of organic marijuana buds for treating his seasonal allergies? Check. An eighth of a different pot strain for insomnia? Check. THC-infused lozenges and tea bags? Check and check, with a free herb-laced cookie thrown in as a thank-you gift.

It's a $102 credit card transaction carried out with the practiced efficiency of a home-delivered pizza – and with just about as much legal scrutiny.

More and more, having premium pot delivered to your door in California is not a crime. It is a legitimate business.

Marijuana has transformed California. Since the state became the first to legalize the drug for medicinal use, the weed the federal government puts in the saFont sizeme category as heroin and cocaine has become a major economic force."

I would love for it eventually be like this in the rest of the country...we would just have a place to go smoke outside of pubs or restaurants...while others partake of that tobacco cigarette laced with that highly addictive nicotine that humans have perfected so well ...

maybe it could actually evolve where there were different spots for different smokers.. a room or outside area for weed, one courtyard or a section for cigarettes and the other for cigars...

and there could be chessboards all over the place!!...

ok....why does this keep changing in size?? each time I digress on this rainy avo in hillbilly land...limbolized, cannabized, ....just very lazy...but this insatiable desire to communicate...this happens with bud... Ive been investing so much time into putting together this just opening my mind up to the world of cybosphere...yet part of me doesnt know the right audience for this shit..

Maybe if I just do a little writing in multicolors..heck at this I want to record my thoughts and picture in the easiest , lowest carbon imprint , laziest way...

I have all these thoughts in so little time to write them out...Of course, I get lazy..and just like to settle down in various places all over the world(???)

others would be afraid of just letting your mind go where you have never gone before..all this while watching the Tour de France with the extended in law children all over the place... perhaps we could all be in Oz next week...or just on top of the world in Kansas....all this happening while my eyes get more presbyterianopia..(seeing close up gets more difficult without glasses)...or maybe it's fear of american fundamentalists especially up close as part of an extended family ...(maybe I should include this word in the urban dictionary...

I put it all out there as my own kind of decide later about these thought in this current state...(and then I thoughts that I would be so happy to swim in the deep blue matter how cold)

life is so short..


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Port of İzmir as seen from Konak Pier

Coordinates: 38°26′N 27°09′E / 38.433°N 27.15°E / 38.433; 27.15
30 m (98 ft)
Population (2008)[1]
- Total
- Density
3,099.00/km2 (8,026.4/sq mi)
Time zone
- Summer (DST)
Postal code
Area code(s)
(0090)+ 232
Licence plate
İzmir, historically Smyrna, is Turkey's third most populous city and the country's largest port after Istanbul. It is located along the outlying waters of the Gulf of İzmir, by the Aegean Sea. It is the seat of İzmir Province, which has an area of 7350 km2. The city of İzmir is composed of ten metropolitan districts (Balçova, Bornova, Buca, Çiğli, Gaziemir, Güzelbahçe, Karşıyaka, Konak, Menemen, and Narlıdere,), each with its own distinct features and temperament. The total area of the nine districts is 855 km2 (330 sq mi) and together these districts constitute the area of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality headed by the Mayor of İzmir. The total population of the metropolitan municipality was 2,649,582 by the end of 2007.[1] Of these, 2,606,294 were living in central Izmir, consisting of the nine district centres of the metropolitan municipality.[2]
İzmir has almost 3,500 years of urban past, and possibly that much more of advanced human settlement. Its port, privatized in 2007 [3], is Turkey's first port for exports in terms of the freight handled and its free zone, a Turkish-U.S. joint-venture established in 1990, is the leader among the twenty in Turkey. Its workforce, and particularly its rising class of young professionals, concentrated either in the city or in its immediate vicinity (such as in Manisa), and under either larger companies or SMEs, affirm their name in an increasingly wider global scale and intensity.[4] İzmir is widely regarded as one of the most progressive Turkish cities in terms of its values, lifestyle, dynamism and gender roles. It is a stronghold of the Republican People's Party, although it lost a lot of ground to the ruling AKP party in the 2007 election."

wow...Izmir looked me up today in Turkey... since folks are finding out about Schwagstock and the hippy movement from all over the world...
I should look up to find out when the next festival is going...while Im still young at heart ;)... OR THEY DO A SEARCH FOR HIPPY MAIDEN AND THERE's A cartoon of a hippy eating a banana

AND THEN IT GOES TO MY SITE... i NEED TO SEE HOW i CAN GET PERMISION TO SHOW SOME OF THESE PICS EVENTUALLY IF i WANNA PUBLISH THIS BOOK! (delusional??) well Im sure Ill have plenty of slanderous lawsuits, so please take a number... or their egos might think that this character (changed to protect the guilty) is about them..

well,I digress.. Ill write small while I think of something worthwhile to write about while I limboize (being in a state of limbo and indecision waiting for the magic herb to help one develop an epiphany or reality check??)

My brother, Ron, wants a pic of the baby...Im so intimidated by computers but I believe that I can send one from Dad inlaw's computer...

Monday, July 20, 2009

it's great to see him grow and do a little more each day...
first he's crawling..
now he's standing and almost trying to walk..
every now and then, he tries to talk...
what a bundle of energy!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

another frustrating day in the Arkie zone.... I wonder if it's tougher deal with a Dad in law or Mom in Law...or both of them at once??
it is wonderful that they are
letting us stay until my honey stabilizes while we again overstay our welcome..
I feel like I'm in between a rock and a hard place..
my sweetie can't handle the anxieties of parenthood without everyday seeming like she's on the verge of a nervous breakdown!!
Dad in Law passed his judgment on my cannabis habit and the fact that I spilled the herb in Colin's cot (it was actually Colin taking the bag of home grown out of my pocket without being aware of it...and then my precocious tyke opens up part of the there is herb all over... I talked about on a previous essay about the perils of giving a goofy image)
of course Daddy in law enjoys the herb behind his metaphorical closet!!
but isnt that typical of the whiskey in the dark closets of yore...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ok... what has gone through in the lives of some famous suicidal authors??... Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson(??)
were they just on a rode to the truth??...
and maybe they couldn't handle it..
that there might not be an afterlife and this is it??
just thinking of that makes me wonder as I come to my own mortality..
if it happens tomorrow or after many tomorrows??
hopefully till a 100 and in my sleep...
listening to the ocean waves
the burial grounds of my parents
and my long distant ancestors of the sea??
maybe they start writing about so many depressing things...
perhaps a way to deal with the demons that might invade their minds??

Thank You, LA! It is so wonderful to connect with all my readers, new and old who come across my blog...
I am forever in your debt for helping me get it published onto the main blogosphere..I guess, it is one chance for my fifteen minutes of fame or infamy?? Now when you punch in the site with all my most recently published thoughts comes into the eyes of folks from Islamabad to TanyMorel in Oz...
I have yet to know how to completely understand how to get feejit and see wherever folks are tuning into the my daily soap opera..
I'm always happy about your inspirations and musings...
to know that somebody outthere likes the stuff I write...
Maybe you could leave a comment when a post possibly makes an impact on you...
whenever (if ever...maybe Im a bit delusional?)
this site becomes a bestseller...I will definitely send you royalties..It's cool that you and Eric tune into these crazy ADDventures and accidents..more like misADDventures..

now my wife, baby and dad in law are taking naps amidst the loud video games of my neice in law...Ill visit the computer store to see why my own laptop jiggles back and forth
It is all so confusing about who my server is and why they decided to censor or prevent my blog and others from getting printed..
Then Dot easy is the domain holder..

I am getting frustrated that I can't write without my words getting jumbled!
I'm frustrated when my words aren't coming out at the rate of someone with an extpreme stutter.. I'm in the middle of a word and then it goes back to a previous word everything gets erased...does this make any sense to you??

but that could be the fault of my crazy laptop

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

These are some pics
of an old windmill in Iowa

Thank you LA! is so cool to connect with you again and get some help to put me into the's nice to know that folks will be reading my new posts ... folks from all over the world are reading the site..
and it's nice to know when your old friends try to tune in to find out what is going on in your life's soap opera!
It is really frustrating when either the
computer or the blog doesn't cooperate...
maybe there is censorship as to what is being printed??
The blog publishers want to control your domain...
in order to unlock it you have to pay them a renewal fee of $25.00

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I guess it's relaxing

an outlaw nerd hangin'

out with myrelative in laws while probably nobody is able to reach my blog...

They have no clue what my thoughts are so Im gonna just have relax and wait till that day that I might be famous for being a spokesman for the magic mojo of Cannabis!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

I wonder who will ever read this that folks don't know where to go to get updates??

There are so many loose ends that I have to take care of...

Nobody is reading this now except myself or a crazy woman obsessed with the idea that I'm stalking her since I happened to look her up on twitter just a little curious about her..

ok...curiosity kills the cat..and then there's Lance Armstrong...

(The pic above is me escaping from responsibilities and worry...when all I just wanna do is play..with very little this the story of my life??)

momentarily escaping from having to make decisions for a week...

wow...what a man!! coming back in the Tour de France...I get into these states of limbo...where I don't feel like doing anything... I worry needlessly..

I took this trip to see the extended family of my in laws...all this road travelling has inflated my left foot...all because I procrastinate and try to save on hotel fees..this happened before when I drove all night...except I was not as old and it wasn't as serious..Now I can barely move my foot

while I watch the Tour de France.. propping the foot on the baby cot while Colin and Angela sleep...wondering who the fuck is reading this trash while life is passing us by... It is nice for the controlling mother wanting to take care of the mother..she wanted me to go on this trip to meet two ladies and all the inlaws could formulate their opinions of me...right now, all I wanna do is to take a's warm and a chance to

Im still the weird guy at the end of the bar... living to day to day in a state of limbo, not able to decide how to spend the next year....while the heat increases here in hillbilly country.. The pic above is near my beloved Silverton!!