Sunday, April 12, 2009

I think
what me worry??

Isn't that what Alfred E Newman ....The personification of Mad Magazine,,, asks??
a prayer was said yesterday or the
day before...(days melt into one) more we realize good often comes out of bad_(?)
once, long time ago, a spell was cast on me..., a curse,

and I asked for it to be lifted...even though I don't believe in Jesus the way "Christians" might??
I let this friend of Angel's give it to me to say...
I said it and now I feel the spirits have been lifted or
(maybe its just cuz my downstairs
neighbors have left for Easter the whole backyard is to ourselves...
we can enjoy our daily homage to the Goddess of the sea....
without worrying about intruding on others'
space!! (this finite property on this
spaceship , earth)
without the negative vibes seaping upwards... we feel free!!!
when some neighbors leave ..even for a little while...

ones who don't give out good vibes...
More have I felt a camaraderie with the folks who give out
good vibes and a se
I freely get into my speedos and race to the morning race...nse of home...
in out little flat above the sea.

I was in 14th place early this morning the weekly swim in the surf handicap has increased to 12 the top swimmer passes me before the first buoy and then the top ladies pass by me...
ok...I'll just let this one go and catch a wave into the beach....
Next week is the last week and they'll add another 15 secs to my time...maybe I can do it next Sunday~~
Amazing how this weekly race has motivated me to bring back my ole competitive instincts...

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  1. The ninth insight says that we can direct primal energy through the power of attention and intention. As we've seen, whatever we put our attention on (and thereby make the focus of this energy) blossoms. Whatever we withdraw our attention from starts to wither away. Attention and intention are the keys to transformation, whether it is of a situation, circumstance, person, or thing. The sutras are codes for triggering and activating intention and attention.