Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beautiful Burleigh

Coincidentally, the Burleigh ranger, stopped by the Ocean St. perch while Daniel and I were chatting about all the nuances and science of the surf... we were chatting about the diminishing forests along the coast and he said that the bloke that with the ranger uniform is the Burleigh ranger!....the kinda job that everyone wants including my working on Hamilton Island!!
maybe not as nice as that place...(they had a contest paid by the Queensland tourist bureau for the best ranger of Hamilton Island?)

This pic was taken from Burleigh of Little Burleigh,,,, I took this photo while riding my bike to this little island of what is left of the subtropical rainforest...There are many endangered plant species that grow here and in only a few other place...It is a cool place to ride your mountain bike around..(bikes aren't allowed but just be careful of pedestrians ;)

I just had a cool chat with a regular lifeguard, Dave White yesteday. He was the bloke that pulled the great white shark from the ocean. The shark had pulled the orange bu0y which was attached to the baitline close to the swimming area while I was swimming on October 18th.. I had been swimming along shore from the magic mountain area down the beach when I had seen him paddle out to check what was causing the buoy to move so much. He had pulled it up and saw the shark hooked to the baitline at the end. He had thought it was dead but when he had pulled it into shore the waves revived him. It was alive when it was brought to shore.

I'd like to go into more detail about this story sometime. There are a lot of stories of the Gold Coast and it's history... Dave mentioned to me about a gentleman named Roger who knows a lot about the history of the coast. I would like to add the pics and movies that my father, Colin , had taken. It would be a shame to not help document the history of our family.

By coincidence, Dave, had worked for my uncle's meat factory in Towoomba, the birthplace of my mother!

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