Saturday, February 28, 2009

"So, how could you change your focus when everything seems to be going wrong, or when life gets really hard, or when you are discouraged, disgruntled, dissatisfied, or just plain scared? Any ideas?What suggestions do you have that might be helpful to those of us who are challenged with keeping a positive attitude?"

Hmmm, How can I change focus??....I go for a swim and a race with the volunteer life club team... I focus on getting in the zone of the wave...

when Im in the surf, I'm not scared....maybe just a little of a very big wave crashing me down and tumbling me all the place....and ummm, sharks!! ...I prefer this feeling of being free in the water to the thoughts that dwell in my beach abode!

I am scared when my wife needs meds...but they fuck with her body and her she goes back to her self medication of cigarettes and any alcohol laying around...I get upset and catch myself nagging her...

this only gets back into the teenage child still rebelling against her parents...

So what should we do??

I just enjoy a little herb and my wanders to lots of alternatives under it's own self medication...what a hippocritter!

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  1. Im gonna go for the sunday surf swim race!,,,,maybe my wife will take pics!!