Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More and more, I am so happy that I am father to such a beautiful old soul as
my son..
He smiles at me and laughs with joy every time he sees me in his waking conscious!
I sing a song with him listening intently to my every word...
I play with him in front of the large bedroom mirror...understanding the mirror is a whole new event...he sees a reflection of himself and then of his father at the same time...How does this make sense...He takes it all in!...and gives a little laugh of glee...
I dress him up in his mermaid beach surf lifesaving shirt and speedos!
I can't wait to show him off to our favorite staff at the club!

when I look at him, he seems to be all knowing ....almost as if he's had a whole 'nother life in another world...He comes into to this world with 2 parents clueless about parenting...both of us focused on your happiness and well being!

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