Sunday, March 22, 2009

Instant waves of thought surfing the cyberocean!

Someone just did a search and found my site:

"Escape the Okie Zone - 19 visits - 12/27/08
I just had a cool chat with a regular lifeguard, Dave White yesteday. He was the bloke that pulled the great white shark from the ocean. - 977k - Cached - Similar pages -"

Just few minutes ago, I checked the cities of the world that visit my site from Feedjit...
a surfer from Brisbane did a search for "Dave White Lifeguard"

He seems to be a kind of celebrity here on Mermaid Beach...He is a very relaxed cool gentleman that would be an asset in any surf rescue....
I'd like to go into more detail sometime...
I mentioned this site to him so if Dave,
I hope that I'm right about your pulling in the Great White???
Please feel free to comment?

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