Wednesday, March 18, 2009

All I can say is ,
Follow your dream!!
Don't let anybody stop you!!

My older brother just gave the same ole, same ole...
I don't hear from him at all except when he thinks he's been the good older brother ...
apparently word got out from my cousin's mother...(who I love dearly)
that we need help and shouldn't be hanging out in oz???
at least that's the general opinion of most of the relatives...
so what do I say ???
Fuck it!
Let's take a road trip and enjoy ourselves!
It's vacation!

Should I cave in and let ourselves fly back to the states with our tail between our legs??
Fuck No...I have been talked out of of this paradise for too long!! Lets workout, take care of business and have a kick ass beautiful family that knows how to have fun on the beach!! It's our future!
Go team Garvald!

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