Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Escape to Nimbin Valley!

It was so cool seeing my wife, the mother of our love child, happy again! My cousin, Sally, came to visit with her family..It was such a touch of warmth feeling the warmth of our extended family...we had been through so much...I was happy that Ang was discharged from the psych ward ...
This is a lesson to us and all readers out there to be careful what you say to shrinks when you're sleep deprived!!

Nimbin was fantastic! I met Benny Zabel, the famous resident artist of this town... He has painted the beautiful murals all over this little hippy haven in the hills of OZ!


This wonderful lady helped my wife with some herbs for mood swings and focus.....it's amazing about vibes and the way good often comes out of challenging experiences!

This wonderful family invited us to stay with them in their wonderful Queenslander house that had been reerected in Nimbin with this added veranda giving the image of a much larger house...Aussie houses of old always had huge verandas surrounding the house to keep the family cooler in the hot days of the year!

This other bloke we met appeared to personify the happy go lucky image of Nimbin... He's a driver for the youth hostel...Friday's they have Karaoke...I had so much fun singing..it's nice to enjoy and be happy!

It would cool for us to bring up our love child, Colin, in a beautiful place like this !


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