Monday, January 05, 2009

Well, we are not quite that young...but we are in Oz!

I often think of my wife coming into this country with our little Colin inside of her kicking

Paris Hilton and her bf were walking on Mermaid Beach in front of our flat when Angela went for a walk...
She couldn't believe how ugly her new boyfriend is!
Angela is realizing it's
"lifestyles of The Rich and Famous" here on the Gold Coast with it's most marvelous stretch of beach in the world....
and we own our little parking spot on our beach
And nobody is gonna take it away!!

Paris Hilton is returning to the Gold Coast for Summafieldayze dance music festival at The Spit on Saturday. Paris and Nicky Hilton touched down in Melbourne from Los Angeles yesterday ahead of their gig as hostesses of the online and live event “The Bongo Virus”, in Sydney on New Year’s Eve.
As Sydney promoters try every trick in the book to lure the Hilton party girls to their events, the Hiltons have made plans to ditch the Harbour City and head over to the Gold Coast. The sisters made contact with Summafieldayze promoters Jacki and Billy Cross to ask if they could join the 30,000 crowd expected at The Spit for the annual dance music festival on Saturday.
Acts on this year’s bill include UK greats Underworld, Calvin Harris, Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren and Eric Prydz. “She’s coming specifically for the festival. She’s asked for four tickets and security, but no special VIP area,” said Mrs Cross yesterday.
The Hiltons’ entourage in Australia is said to include Nicky’s boyfriend, David Katzenberg, aspiring rock singer Brittany Flickinger, of the MTV reality show Paris Hilton: My New BFF, and one of Paris’s real best friends, Australian model Cheyenne Tozzi, who starred in the crime drama The Strip, filmed on the Gold Coast.
“She flies in on the night before the festival and flies out the day after the festival,” said Mrs Cross. “When she was here filming House Of Wax on the Gold Coast she was a massive regular at The Drink (nightclub). We looked after her then many, many times.
“She was at The Drink weekly when she was here. “She was a regular in the back corner of the VIP bar. “She’s also been to our club in Vegas, The Cat House, many times. She’s familiar with us as promoters. “We got a phone call to say she’s keen to come back up and we’re very happy that she’s coming along.”

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