Friday, January 09, 2009

Up your Gitmo Bush/Cheney!

Rudd won't accept Uyghur Gitmo detainees

"The Rudd governmenthas rejected a formal request from the Bush administration to resettle a group of Chinese detained in Guantanamo Bay military prison to Australia.
The Weekend Australian says the Australian government has been warned by Beijing not to take the 17 former terror suspects, who the US have cleared but refuse to send home for fear of their torture and possible execution.
Beijing has made at least two approaches to the Rudd government not to accept the group of Muslims from northwestern China, known as Uyghurs, the paper says.
One was at a meeting in Canberra about three weeks ago, involving Australian and Chinese diplomats.
It came as the Foreign Ministry in Beijing stressed publicly its opposition to any resettlement of the Uyghurs.
"We have said on many occasions that the 17 terrorist suspects detained at the US military base of Guantanamo are members of the Eastern Turkestan Islamic Movement, which is listed as a terrorist group by the UN Security Council ," a spokesman said.
"The Chinese government requires these terrorist suspects be repatriated to China.
"We firmly oppose any countries receiving these people."
Last week, the Rudd government reportedly told the Bush administration the Uyghurs did not meet Australia's stringent national security and immigration criteria."

Good on Ya!! Australia!! I like Rudd..He is not like the puppet, Howard was to Bush attempt at it's neocon empire!! No wonder Bush wanted Howard to stay at Blair House instead of snubbing Obama!

We are settling slowly into the low carbon imprint lifestyle of being beach bums...
We cannot get depressed about how life is passing us by so quickly
without achieving anything .... as relative to others or to our potentials...
I just finished changing Colin's diapers and giving him a shower since I hate dealing with shit...
and the necessary evil is best taken care of with all evidence running down the drain from our human shit!! least this way ...
my tight asss ways are much more conducive the Al Gore theory of low carbon imprint!!
I don't waste wet wipes and diapers as much!!
This fatherhood was thrust upon me and sometimes I feel like the reluctant beneficiary of bringing another soul

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