Friday, January 30, 2009

When I have writer's block or I'm just too embarassed to show my innermost feelings to my 5 readers I like to include an essay from the Daily Om since it coincides with my feelings so much! From there I can bounce off my current feelings and have a guide to write something...

January 30, 2009
"Expanding Their VisionNine Ways To Help Others Awaken to Consciousness
1. Living by your values allows you to become a positive source of inspiration for others. Don’t hide – express yourself and embrace life without reservation. By simply being yourself, you can help the people in your life see how one person can make a difference by being a living example of consciousness.
I often think of what impact I might of made with the Navaho students at was wonderful hearing a voice from our past when Ang and I chatted over the ocean to Mary...
she had become a wonderful friend and colleague to us both...she said how there was a vacuum at the school with no more after school activities. We all had given so much to the program and inspired the students to act and play chess... I sense how many miss us despite the jealous teachers that did everything to inhibit and extinguish the growth in the children..

2. When you communicate your views, do so casually and in a nondogmatic manner. Allow the people you speak with to ask questions. Offer only as much information as they are ready to hear.
I suppose that was my biggest drawback in teaching... trying to eagerly to help them when I should have let them ask me for guidance...That is something that I still have to work communicate my views in a less agressive way??

3. Igniting the spark of consciousness can be as easy as giving someone a gift. A favorite book, a medicine bag, or a beautiful gemstone can pique your loved ones’ curiosity and prompt them to begin an exploration of the soul.
I suppose that the drama club was my biggest gift to these students..It was wonderful to hear how our drama club was the talk of many students after we left! These students had a little spark of what it was like to act and improvise in front of a group of folks...I know that many of them will want to pursue acting!

4. Teaching a friend, relative, or colleague to meditate or chant can put them on the path to consciousness while simultaneously reducing their stress levels.
5. Others may want to know more about living consciously but are unsure of how to begin. Starting a discussion group – even a virtual one – can help you reach out to individuals that are eager to learn.
6. By recognizing and acknowledging the inherent value in everyone you encounter, you can teach them how to value others. Sometimes, the easiest way to encourage people – even challenging ones - to respect others is to respect them first.
7. Invite people from your personal and professional lives to join you in attending a ceremony or ritual. The experience may touch them in a profound way or introduce them to a new spiritual path.
8. Casually point out the interconnectedness of all living beings using concrete, everyday examples. Many people are unaware of how their actions affect the world and are intrigued when they learn of the power they hold.
9. Introduce your loved ones to conscious living in a lighthearted and enjoyable way. Serve delicious organic recipes at gatherings, volunteer as a group, and show them how wonderful it can feel to be truly aware and connected to the universe. "

It was so cool for my wife and I to chat with Mary, the social worker at our school...
She became a good friend over the last year...sometimes when we get a little homesick, it is so heartwarming to chat with warm friends!
I also chatted with my brother, Ron, and it warmed my cold feelings towards him...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Right now, my wife is feeding our beautiful child…I feel frustrated at this point…thinking about how many things we could be doing to have fun…
We need to at least rent a car and try traveling around the country a little bit..
It was good finally chatting with my brother, Ron. I know that he loves me even though he doesn’t really show.. I felt like I was ripped off by him the way he would take advantage of me in Monopoly or other games since I was a little child…
I felt jealous of how he would always have the friends and be successful at school thereby getting the praise and adoration of my parents…
I was the black sheep of the family always struggling in school and in relationships but oh well…
Now I have a loving wife who does not know much about domestic engineering so it challenges me to do all the things that I never had to do…I am a new father …I have dove into the pool of parenthood attempting to dog paddle in the new waves of fatherhood
I was just looking at one of the thousand photos that I have taken of our family…
I am wearing my surf lifesaving beanie that I can wear while training for the bronze medallion in lifesaving….My son looks on with the look of amazing intelligence…it is an intriguing photo of father and son…
When I look at him overwhelmed with our family’s future, wondering how we possibly can make it,
He looks back at me with adoring smiling eyes….he is so innocent!

From the Daily OM

January 27, 2009

Patient Persistence
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

You might find that you are determined to get your ideas across to others today in order to achieve your goals. If you find that you are extra-persistent today to the point that others begin to feel restless, you may want to work on developing patience. One way to create more patience is to take a deep breath and count to 10 before speaking. When you stop to count, you can become aware of your behavior when you speak to others. This could help make your interactions go more smoothly. Remembering to breathe and counting to 10 can also help you cultivate patience during those moments when you want to push people or situations forward before the time is ripe. Take the time to slow down and think before you act today, and the wellsprings of patience and understanding that you cultivate could help you achieve your objectives.

Pausing before speaking and taking the time to consider what we are about to say can help us become more effective communicators. During the times when it seems critical to get our ideas across, it can be easy to lose sight of the way we are choosing to express ourselves. We may become so determined to convey our thoughts to others that we forget to consider whether we are expressing ourselves in a way that other people can hear us. Pausing to take a few breaths allows us to stay centered so that we don’t end up pushing our ideas on others. Take a moment to consider what you are saying and how you are expressing yourself to others today, and your interactions will become more productive and less stressful.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

wow!!...I hope that Conyers nails this pompous pig and the rest of the Bush henchmen ...
will they get him as well as they did to all those crooks from Watergate??
Watching this pig grovel the way the bloke did in Deliverance wouldn't do justice for all the murders and bullshit that this criminal brain of Bush has masterminded!
No punishment would be better for this slimy bastard!
Saddam was executed....why not the same for causing a war of murders for innocent young soldiers and civilians!

""On Monday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-MI) issued a subpoena to Karl Rove, requiring him to testify regarding his role in the Bush Administration's politicization of the Department of Justice, including the US Attorney firings and the prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. The subpoena calls for Rove to appear at deposition on Monday, February 2, 2009.

Rove has previously refused to appear in response to a Judiciary Committee subpoena, claiming that even former presidential advisers cannot be compelled to testify before Congress. That "absolute immunity" position was supported by then-President Bush, but it has been rejected by U.S. District Judge John Bates. President Obama has previously dismissed the claim as "completely misguided."

"I have said many times that I will carry this investigation forward to its conclusion, whether in Congress or in court, and today's action is an important step along the way," said Rep. Conyers. Noting that the change in administration may impact the legal arguments available to Mr. Rove in this long-running dispute, Mr. Conyers added, "Change has come to Washington, and I hope Karl Rove is ready for it. After two years of stonewalling, it's time for him to talk."

The House Judiciary Committee chairman subpoenaed former White House adviser Karl Rove on Monday to testify about the Bush administration's firing of U.S. attorneys and prosecution of a former Democratic governor.The subpoena by Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., continues a long-running legal battle with ex-President George W. Bush's former White House political director. Rove previously refused to appear before the panel, contending that former presidential advisers cannot be compelled to testify before Congress.

The subpoena commanded Rove to appear for a deposition on Feb. 2 on the firings of U.S. attorneys for political reasons. Conyers also demanded testimony on whether politics played a role in the prosecution of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, a Democrat.

Bush upheld Rove's legal position, but Conyers said times have changed."

I decided to add this lady if I were wanting to have more gender specific role model for witches
( "are u a good witch or a bad witch??")

I often would like to include other pics of ex witches who cast spells on moi...but I don't want any papers served to me, especially in Oz...especially with all the tax bills that I am hit...(dont get me started!)
Ms. Coulter is definitelya witch...(is it safer to for a male to say witch than bitch??)

"Officials are responding to a formal complaint filed by blogger Dan Borchers. "For over 10 years, Ann Coulter has gotten away with illegal, immoral and unethical behavior, ranging from plagiarism to defamation, perjury to voter fraud,"
claims the conservative Borchers. Coulter declined to comment, but in the past has branded Borchers a stalker. He says the FBI has determined he poses no threat.
Coulter was investigated and
cleared of wrongdoing in 2006 for allegedly violating Florida's voter registration laws by voting in the wrong precinct.
Brad Friedman of reports that Coulter was never actually cleared; the Florida Election Commission dropped the case after deciding that the two-year statute of limitations had run out.
An official previously told the Daily News that they would
investigate "if we received a complaint under oath." Read more about Daniel Borchers, who filed the complaint, here. "

My wife and I were watching the view....
she realizes that I like "chick" shows and "chick" movies..
she says I'm a lesbian trapped inside a man's body!
I do get jealous of Degenerate who can invite the most beautiful babes , get all close dancing the dykish way she does with these ladies....and her total female audience gives her standing ovulations...( I mean ovations!) I would never see a male host sing, dance, and wear the same grungy clothes and sneakers every day in and out...It almost reminds me of a skinnier Rose Odonnell<<<

Monday, January 26, 2009

The ADD Challenge!

It could so easy for folks married to people with ADD to lose patience and get divorced when the going gets rough..
Imagine two people with this condition and shades of manic depression...
Could that be twice as bad??
It's easy to just say
"Fuck it! ...Another one bites the dust...
easy come...
easy go...
but suddenly there is a love child involved and that changes the whole story....
He has changed both of our lives...
Suddenly this young man came into our ADD world
and put us both into topsy turvy
and we have to figure out not the very easy solution of parenting in the 21st century...
but at least we are coping in paradise...
Can't beat taking a dip in the rejuvenating salt waters of the Pacific two times a day....
and then she gets distracted and forgets about the tomato soup, rice and pasta creation of her husband's on the stove!!

"The stories of creative individuals are replete with instances of childhood problems in school (Piirto, 1992; Thompson, 1971; West, 1991). Although it has been argued that many creative individuals have suffered from mood disorders and other clinically significant psychological problems (Hershman & Lieb, 1988; Jamison, 1993), there are others whose behavior, although irregular, may be more indicative of their creativity than of any disorders. In the case of Janet Frame, New Zealand's poet and novelist, her "difference" resulted in a diagnosis of schizophrenia, confinement to a mental institution, and the scheduling of a lobotomy that was only canceled when her first novel gained widespread distinction (Frame, 1984, pp. 110-111). In some cases the very qualities that cause creative individuals to have problems are the same ones that may facilitate in their creative accomplishments. Edison's energy, the vivid imagery in the daydreams of Frost and Wright, and Einstein's alternative mode of thinking created problems for them in school, but were undoubtedly invaluable in their creative endeavors."

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Seriously, I'm gonna work on my B ronze Medalion with the local Mermaid Beach Surf Life Savings Club. One can join the club for only 60$ !!
and then buy the speedo beanie with the Mermaid colors that I have on my head for only 15$!

The lifeguard club is just below the restaurant part of the club where we eat affordable meals a few nights a week (if my wife will behave ;)

Now my to become a volunteer surf lifesave without getting eaten by shark first....
Speaking of which:
We interviewed a babysitter yesterday evening over dinner at the Surf Club who was harrassed by the local shark
It was a little earlier almost just in front of our flat! I congratulated on both of us being shark survivors!

(Colin Murray is showing off with his power to the people fist!)

Mermaid reef is now spawning...(spawning means that the local reef of coral is reproducing which brings heaps of schools of bait fish which then of course bring much larger predatory fish. This abundance of dead fish attract the hungy sea gulls...)

Believe it or not I was swimming unknowingly with birds all around me...

I realize that at that point that I better body surf in....
Good to follow instincts!...
Our potential future nanny/babysitter told Ang and me that she was with about 5 other surfers when they yelled

4 of the luckier surfers caught the next wave in leaving just her and the other potential shark burger alone with the 2-3 meter shark
the shark circled them four times while they were paddling furiously into shore
and finally taking the rescue wave in...
on a previous attack further down the east coast, bystanders on the beach saw the shark surf in with it's potential victim before being saved by another swimmer!
sharks like to surf too!.....
there have been so many fascinating coincidences and wondering about being psychic.
I went swimming and body surfing twice that day...Earlier I talked to her and her Canadian gf while we were waiting for waves about the possibilities of sharks...
We need a babysitter/nanny maybe a couple of times a week for Colin Murray Garvald...
Young Garv appears to have a way with beautiful women
they all just instantly fall in love with him and then wanna have one of their own!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Do you think there is any likeness??
I apreciate the nice comment from LA!! The beach and surf life is wonderful...

I am looking forward to seeing the inaguration and hopefully Oz TV will show a lot of it!
From the Daily OM:
"January 19, 2009
Evolution Through Exploration
Most living things belong to a particular soul group and are born knowing their purpose in life. An animal will spend its day foraging for food, taking care of itself and its young, and creating a home. No one tells an animal to do this, yet it instinctively knows how.
Humans, for the most part, are not born consciously knowing what their purpose is. Purpose gives our life meaning. When you discover your purpose, you can live your life with intention and make choices that serve your objective for why you are here on the planet.
Finding your purpose is not always easy.
You must embrace life wholeheartedly, explore many different pathways, and allow yourself to grow.
Your purpose is as unique as you are and will evolve as you move through life.
You don’t need anyone’s permission to fulfill your purpose, and no one can tell you what that purpose is. Finding and fulfilling your purpose can be a lifelong endeavor.
To figure out what your purpose is, ask yourself what drives you – not what forces you out of bed in the morning, but what makes you glad to be alive.
(I guess what motivates me or makes me glad to be alive living here on the beach and the excitement about our child's new future unfolding before his eyes! Obama has a purpose and he has a dream...My dream is evolving and happening almost the way I planned least of having the life of a beach bum..with low carbon imprint...what could be a more lazy idyllic life)
Make a list of activities that you wish you were involved in or think about a career path that you would love to embark upon. These are the endeavors that can help you fulfill your purpose and bring you the most satisfaction. Picture yourself working on projects that don’t interest you or fulfill your purpose, yet they help satisfy your basic survival needs. Imagine how living this way each day would make you feel.
Next, picture yourself devoting your time to projects that spark your imagination, inspire, excite, and satisfy you.
Maybe some of my readers (LA?) could tell me what posts would be best for my book??
More often than not, these activities are some of the ways that you can fulfill your life purpose. Time spent on these endeavors will never feel like a waste.
Live your life with purpose, and you will feel significant and capable because every action you take and each choice you make will have meaning to it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Shedding Light On Ourselves" from the Daily OM
"In almost every case, we know what is best for us in our lives, from the relationships we create to the food we eat. Still, somewhat mysteriously, it is often difficult to make the right choices for ourselves. We find ourselves hanging out with someone who leaves us feeling drained or choosing to eat fast food over a salad. We go through phases where we stop doing yoga or taking vitamins, even though we feel so much better when we do. Often we have no idea why we continue to make the less enlightened choice, but it is important that we inquire into ourselves to find out. When we choose that which is not best for us, the truth can be that there is a deep seated part of us that does not want to heal. We may say it’s because we don’t have the time or the energy or the resources, but the real truth is that when we don’t take care of ourselves we are falling prey to self-sabotage. Self-sabotage happens unconsciously, which is why it’s so difficult to see that we are doing it. The important thing to realize is that this very part of us that resists our healing is the part that most needs our attention and love. Even as it appears to be working against us, if we can simply bring it into the light of our consciousness, it can become our greatest ally. It carries the information we need to move to the next level in our healing process. When we recognize that we are not making healthy choices, we might even say out loud, “I am not taking care of myself.” Sometimes this is the jolt we need to wake up to what is actually happening.
Next we can sit ourselves down in meditation, with a journal, or with a trusted friend to explore the matter more thoroughly.
Just shining the light of our awareness on the source of our resistance is sometimes enough to dispel its power.
At other times, further effort is required. Either way, we need not fear these parts that do not want to heal.
We only need to take them under our wing and
bring them with us into the light. "
These last few days have been better... we are gradually getting into the reality of being parents...
yet we both still wanna play too much...
what a place to share our playing!!
On the Gold Coast of Oz....with everything we want within bike distance...
low carbon imprint...
always activities going on in the beach..
My muse was so happy to hostess the reunion of all the mothers from our prenatal class...
It was at 3 pm and I had to grab the barbie on the park...
My new friend in fatherhood, Case, said that I needed to pull in the reigns a little bit as we were all parting...
yeh, it's obvious she likes to play and can be a loose cannon...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ang just went shopping with the bub...
I'm happy she still has some of her tax refund check
TV is showing the "remake of Barrack" Monday night at 9:50 (here is my other gf;)
just kidding...
she won't tell me how much she spent on her hair...but's that's cool...I'm so happy she still hasn't spent all of her hard earned tax refund$$
and can have a good hair day!!
I haven't had to worry about hair or lack of it on my head for over 3 decades!! I guess that's like having a bad hair day for more than half my life???
It seems like baldness is the one disability that anybody can pick on....

"Look, Ma. He has zero hair!"


but seriously folks , we all have to tighten our belts with us in the worst depression since Okies left the Okie Zone in the "Grapes of Wrath" 30's!
as beach bums we are making the least carbon imprint
for any small family in the western world(??)....cept my wife takes showers too long..;)

I dunno...I just love these images...this camera has been the best present to myself....capturing moments of time with a picture...

it's worth a thousand words......coming to Oz has brought back so many childhood moments of happiness...

we hope to see this happiness when he laughs...

we see him develop a personality with everyday..

There are so many topics to discuss with you...and yet sometimes I feel so shy to come up with the words...

when really this blog is for myself and hopefully let others tune into my life??