Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ok....I figure that it was raining outside after attempting to sleep through Colin's incessant crying in the morning... I get and see him smile at me...It looks like he might up end up as redhead...
his grandma sent us some mobiles...He has been constantly watching his new toys as they wobble in the bassinette...
Both of us have so much ADD combined with the inherent laziness in the condition
We bought a fan and carried it back all the way on top of the tram ...about a mile away
with no clue that it would be such an operation to figure out how to put it together
and also the toy that Colin will was missing screws we have to find the right screws at the market and then put it together
I'm thinking that both of us will have to try a little addaboy
tomorrow after a good sleep...we will figure it out...

Now it's almost sunny and I'd rather smoke a bowl and enjoy this Sunday after xmas and write to you while I look out at the ocean...

I was curious about some of the searches for my site
They were searching "famous family psychologists marijuana"

and this was one of the sites that came up along with my blog in this bloke's search..
Others have realized how cannabis helps create fantastic ideas! as long as one figures out which garbage to throw out or edit??

William Shakespeare
"Several 17th-century clay pipes found on the site of William Shakespeare's home may have been used to smoke marijuana.Though marijuana degrades over time, eight of those pipe fragments showed signs suggestive of marijuana. Two of the pipe samples also showed evidence of cocaine.The results of the study are published in the South African Journal of Science."

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