Saturday, December 06, 2008

Leftovers of Neocon administration help Australia more towards becoming a police state!

So this is a warning to future free spirits that enjoy mind enhancing drugs!! .....
If we are not careful our governments will be heading more towards a police state...
I can understand the harmful substance but weed is less harmful than beer..
the prohibition did not work and neither will the war on cannabis
Medical Marijuana use passed in Michigan as another state that condones the medical benefits of the herb
I believe that Obama will relax the laws on cannabis and maybe it will finally reach over here in Oz??

Isn't it about ten years behind the maybe the good waves from Obama will reach over here...

A good happy life is possible!

Bush checking out the varying grades of his
home grown hydro in the White House extensive green house. The president has become quite the conniseur of the high quality cannabis sativa grown on his farm.

He will arrange Airforce One to have special transportation of delicate sensitive pla nts to his ranch in Crawford.

He will also keep some plants for his greenhouse in his new home in Dallas where he will write his cannabized induced memoirs.

(just as I say this a beautiful rainbow appeared when I was feeling kinda down) .. and you know what the rainbow symbolizes?? :)

Unfortunately, the crackdown on weed in this country Down Unda, has become much worse under the long 17 year reign of Prime Minister Howard, who was a long standing puppet of the American Neoconservative administration. (He totally backed Bush in this silly war for petrol that we now can't get out of!)

This bloke, Howard, is very fortunately out now...

He was outvoted by the new labor (more liberal) Prime Minister but it will take time for his policies in regards to police surveillance to mellow out. It appears that it will get worse before it gets better.
Now, the once utopian weed haven of Nimbin, NSW, is under 24 hour surveillance and the police walk the beat up and down the main streets daily looking for dealers.

Two years ago they looked the other way when folks sold their cannabis cookies right on the street! The cool little mountain town used to have one cop back in the utopian 70's . Now they have 9!

Police arrest 76 in Homebake drugs bustDecember 7, 2008, 12:30 pm Police have issued a stark drugs warning to festival-goers after charging eight people with supply and arresting 76 over possession at a Sydney music festival.
An estimated 20,000 music fans attended Homebake, a showcase of all-Australian and New Zealand bands held in Sydney's The Domain between 11am and 11pm (AEDT) on Saturday.

Police, along with drug detection dogs, (just like at the airport!) were out in force at the event to target illegal drug possession and use, alcohol-related crime, and anti-social behaviour.
As of 8pm on Saturday, police had made 87 drug detections, involving the arrest of 76 people, they said in a statement.
Eight people were charged with supplying prohibited drugs, including one man in possession of 28 ecstasy tablets, another in possession of 26 ecstasy tablets, two men in possession of 14 ecstasy tablets each, and a woman with seven grams of white powder which was possibly speed, police said.
In total, police detected 78 grams of cannabis (less than 3 ounces) 256 ecstasy tablets and 18 grams of white powder (consisting of cocaine and speed) at the event. (so let's see...that's 78 grams/20, each person has enough for a microgram??)
Forty people were also evicted from the festival as a result of intoxication, fence jumping, or not having a wristbands as proof of a ticket.
Police said the results served as a warning to those planning to take or supply drugs at forthcoming events this summer.

(NSW is really cracking down hard on folks enjoying themselves...I heard a Nazi named Lyons is in charge of drug enforcement for the state)

"Police will be present at all similar upcoming events, and those people found supplying and possessing prohibited drugs, along with any anti-social behaviour, will be arrested and charged," they said in a statement.

hmmm, but it's legal in Adelaide, South Australia!'s ridiculous that a harmless plant that makes you feel happier and more creative without the side effects of alchohol has been on the list of this drug war for over a century..

what is the real reason it has been illegal for so long??

the govts of the new world order don't want for folks to think and discuss...

Cannabis helps one stretch outside of their normal daily paradigms!

They have done the same to Schwagstock in Missouri...I read that they are cracking down on the drug use in this little shangra la of 300 pristine acres in the Ozarks!
Schwagstock developed a reputation so now they have constant harassment from the the local and federal law enforcement...They have had many illegal drug busts of the music revellers since the event's conception!
This is similar to the way our expanding police forces in the western world are cracking down on festivals celebrating weed!

Here's another example of what has been happening since the the herb of intellectual thinkin, disscussion, and dissent has been under even more attack under the Neoconservative administrations of Bush and Howard...

Cannabis cookie bust: 2kg seized in Nimbin

Large November 6, 2006 - 7:11AM
Police have charged a woman on the far north coast over the possession of cookies and chocolates made with cannabis.
Police were attending the break-in of several shops in Nimbin yesterday about 1pm (AEDT) when they witnessed an alleged drug transaction in one of the shops.
While searching the premises, they seized bags of cannabis, nearly 2kg of cannabis cookies and 89 chocolates wrapped in foil and made from cannabis butter in a package weighing more than 1.3 kg, police say.
They also seized a sum of cash.
A 51-year-old woman from Jiggi was arrested at the scene and charged with three counts of supply a prohibited drug, two counts of possess a prohibited drug and one count of goods in custody.
She was granted conditional bail and will appear in Lismore Local Court on December 4, police say.

"wow!! work at the white house is a hell of a lot better with my daily bong in the AM"

What?? Ok I fucked up in Iraq..there werent any WMDS..

I wasn't prepared...Jeb or Sarah will get us out of umm Bagdad when they're elected in 2012!

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