Saturday, December 27, 2008

I often get up early for Colin's early feeding ..

then I wait for the sun

and go back to bed to sleep till 9, 10 or sometimes 11...

I need this almost to replenish my soul or I forget how gorgeous the ocean is especially when she meets the sun and the waves from the other side of the world where most of my readers are right now
It is such a wonderful luxury to have this view and this ocean of the world to swim in several times a day...

I had forgotten how to play as adults we very often forget what is was like to play as a child...

I think that I've got a long ways to go before I can call myself a good father... The least I could do is learn to play again as Colin grows and see the world as it opens up to him..
Horoscope from Daily Om:
"You can always go within to seek guidance, or a new perspective. By turning away from the trappings of the material world to connect with the source of energy within us, we can renew ourselves and look at life from a different vantage point. By using our inner compass as our guide, we are more likely to discover connections at the right time or even just be in the ideal place when opportunity comes along. Whether you’ve found a new use for old files or you come up with a way to use your skills with those of various partners, you are likely to discover that the resources have always been available to you, it merely required the initiative to put them into use. Today is a perfect day to tap into all the resources available and creatively consider new ways to bring abundance into your life."
What do you think?

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