Sunday, December 28, 2008

The End of the Greedocon Era!

Will this econonomic disaster help us learn to not be consumed all the time with spending ??
The media brainwashes us into thinking the "economy" depends on it!

Rather than just saying to yourself that you don't need those Nikes or a brand new Bubburban or a brand new home you can't possibly afford,
why can't Americans think ahead and save for the rainy day??

So many have been brainwashed by this crazy American attitude that if you don't spend every dime you have, you are a tightwad!
Saving money in the bank or under the matress doesn't help the economy!

Would it not be nice to have enough to afford to tell the Man to just take this job and shove it??What is wrong with saving money for that rainy day or better yet, for that place in paradise??

There is something wrong with rampant consumerism and America's constant hunger for material goods just to keep up with the Jones next door!..
Suddenly you are out of a job
and have to let your home go
for what??

Buy now and who cares about the future until Shylock asks for his pound of flesh!!
Well they are asking for payment now
and this country can't come up with the dough!
America will have to give up it's pound of flesh again at the expense of the American people!

Here in Oz,
a bloke down the beach about where Hedges avenue ends and Flamingo Avenue starts has been rumored to have burned down his beautiful place for the insurance payments...
he was one of these greedocon stockbrokers who bit the dust

even here across the Pacific far away from the States...
the wake of the Madoff madness has reached the shores of Down Unda
so imagine this poor bloke collecting all the the insurance payments for the replacement value of his smoldering mansion ...
and then he sells his burned down place for millions on the beach...

If you want to see how the rich and greedy live on holidays
come to Mermaid Beach

You wonder how many other multimillionaires on the coast ripped off unsuspecting people and even the government???

Ironically, there was a wonderful statue in front of his place with an old man admiring the view..
that is gone now...

I wonder about the very rich family who owns the palace almost next door to us and the brother owns another palace on the same block??
It was worked on for the better part of a year...
Every morning about 6 or 7 we were woken with their noise with laborers working busilyon redoing a palace that looked fine already...

a holiday home for the very rich

What a humongus carbon imprint so he can have his family enjoy Xmas and a couple holidays a year...oh yeah but he supplied maybe a 100 laborers with work... so he's good for the economy!

they had already been working on it for several months before we arrived in September

they import all of the palm trees and extend their area over into what was the sidewalk area for the public to use as a free entrance

Why do people trust greedy basturds
that will generally shaft the common bloke who knows no better
Havent we learned from the depression?...

The only thing that is safe are the government backed banks...
We should question the salaries and credentials of anyone that has acess to our lifetime investments!

PS...Hey it's cool that my site comes up first when you do a search for
"Bush"+"has a grandiose sense of self-importance" "
It seems like I get a hit every other day for Bush and his dry drunk syndrome!

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